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How Much Does New Carpet Cost? – UPDATED

Whether you’re installing a new carpet or replacing a patch of existing carpet, the carpet and installation will both be priced in square feet. When it comes to the base cost per square foot, you’re looking at multiple factors that each play an important part, including:

  • Type of fiber
  • Color
  • Brand
  • Quality

If you clicked on this article up expecting to see an exact price point, you won’t be surprised to hear, “it depends.” However, I’m here to give Belleville, Shiloh and O’Fallon neighbors the best information out there, so keep reading and I’ll explain the range of prices you can plan on.

In the end, that exact price point will just depend on your family’s needs and preferences.

New carpet costs

Without a doubt, there’s a range in carpet pricing. For 2021, that range can land anywhere between $3 to $7 per square foot of new carpet purchased, which includes standard and basic installation. The average homeowner (according to the recent Consumer Report) spends $2.82 per square foot.

If you don’t have a calculator on you, that average cost applied to a 10×12 room would come to $338. To carpet an average home, that could be between $1,500 and $2,000.

Between $3 and $7 per square foot doesn’t sound too bad, especially when you consider how much value, beauty and comfort that carpet will add to your home. When you start racking up the square feet, however, that range can make a big difference in cost. Fiber type, color and quality will all be factors to consider individually when selecting the perfect carpet for your home.

Remember to factor in carpet installation costs

After purchasing the carpet, you have to get it installed. Pricing for installation will depend on the size and shape of the room, labor, and whether you’re removing old flooring.

I’m all about transparency, and while I can’t “fill in the blanks” for all those factors when it comes to your home without seeing the space first, I can share the same Consumer Report averages when it comes to carpet installation costs. These are national averages that don’t reflect our neighborhood, but can still help you prepare:

Carpet installation costs

National Average Cost – $1,597

Minimum Cost – $282

Maximum Cost – $6,000

Average Range – $880 to $2,315

Questions? Comments? Are you curious how an unusually-shaped room or existing floor in your home might impact your cost to get a carpet bought and installed? Reach out to me today—I’d love to answer your questions.