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How Often Do You Really Have To Paint Interior Walls?

Another thing we have in common around Belleville, O’Fallon, Edwardsville and other communities in the area…

Midwest weather.

When it comes to your home, each season does still have its perks (extreme as the weather here can get). Fall and winter are actually the best time to paint interior walls, for example. Several previous and even new Valor clients have called me recently to get painting jobs done before the holidays for that reason (not to mention sprucing homes up before visitors come piling in).

The real question that more and more homeowners are asking me, however, is how often you realistically have to paint interior rooms.

The short answer: it depends on the room. With differences in daily wear and tear, it won’t surprise you that some rooms need to be painted more often. So, how do you know?

To make this simple, I’ll break it down by each primary room of the home:

Living room, dining room

If you use these spaces frequently, but do choose high-quality, durable paint, you can typically let these rooms go 5-7 years before repainting.

Kitchen, bathrooms

Don’t get me started on food splatters in the kitchen. And how about moisture in the bathroom? These rooms also need to be kept especially CLEAN and sanitary for your family. Grime on these walls will quickly strip paint of finishes, leaving the walls more susceptible to damage. All in all, you’ll generally want to paint these rooms ever 3-4 years.


Adult bedrooms generally don’t need to be repainted up until you’re just plain sick of the color! Kids bedrooms, on the other hand, usually need to be repainted every 2-3 years (thanks to wall art, hands, toy marks and the rest).


The hallways of your home are walked through more often than any other space—did that ever occur to you? These generally need to be repainted every 2-3 years to keep them looking fresh every time traffic goes whizzing through.

Do you have questions about a specific space? Do you have an entertainment room, or a basement or a finished attic that’s got you wondering? Give me a call today—maybe I should even add your question to this list!