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How Often Should You Paint Baseboards?

You would think your home’s baseboards would be painted with the same frequency as your walls, right?Think again.

The fact that such a popular myth is so widespread tells me that it’s worth having a conversation about baseboards and some common questions around their maintenance.

I personally love the architecture in and around Belleville, Caseyville, Shiloh and our neighboring towns. One of the features I love most in these homes is the variety of beautiful trim and baseboards that leave each space with that sense of craftsmanship and style…but only if properly maintained.

There are a few common questions I tend to get about baseboards. And since hardly anyone ever talks about them—even though just about every house in the area has them—I thought I’d get these questions answered for you today.

“How often should you paint baseboards?”

Baseboards are normally painted with strong finishes like eggshell or semi-gloss. This does mean they can withstand more bumps and regular washes. They do, however, get bumped and abused a lot more thanks to feet and furniture, and will have to be painted more often than crown molding—or even walls.

Baseboards in high-traffic areas benefit from annual repainting to keep them looking clean and crisp. Low-traffic areas and bedrooms can usually go four or five years.

“How do you properly clean baseboards?”

Baseboards collect a lot of dust on their upper edge, gradually turning into grime in the corners. If you look at the baseboard right now of whatever room you’re in, you’ll probably see this in action.

Regular dusting helps combat this, and a soft sponge wipe-down with a little warm water and a drop of soap will get your baseboards looking especially fresh. Just be sure to dry the surface before the water dries on.

“What kind of paint should I use on baseboards?”

I talked a little about this above. Baseboards get scuffed, scraped, bumped and kicked, so it’s important to use paint with strong finishes. Semi-gloss and eggshell are two choices I regularly recommend.

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