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How Property Owners Save Time AND Money With Flooring Partnerships

There are a few things every one of your properties has. For example, they all have roofs. They all have exteriors to maintain. Inside, they all have walls to be painted.

Did you know, though, that the first thing renters and buyers look at when they step into a property is the floor? And your properties certainly all have floors.

We know a lot about flooring because we’ve been installing and repairing flooring in Belleville, Glen Carbon and surrounding towns for well over 25 years. We know the area, and we know the properties in the area. And we also know the homeowners and renters who are viewing these properties.

Property owners and realtors have come to us in search of the contractor partnership that will help them maintain costs and get more work done. We’ve been open to these partnerships because we believe in this community, and we want to see other local businesses succeed.

We’re big on budget, too, which we have in common with property owners. In fact, one of our brand promises is to keep projects on budget. This has been the biggest perk for property owners who come to us, because if even one project gets out of budget, that has a domino effect on the rest of that person’s other interests.

This article is here to turn your business requirements into solutions. You need to find a flooring contractor for the totality of your properties. Done right, that partnership can save you both time and money. Just follow these three steps:

1. Choose your facilities management partner—and let them build a plan

Property performance is something you want to keep tabs on, and not just at the properties where maintenance has proven to be a problem. Merge all maintenance issues into one “facilities management” contract with a maintenance or handyman contractor you trust. Your company then hands off the acute and the long-term preventative planning to the same professional who’s also in charge of executing that plan.

This maintenance plan will generally cost you more than “one-off” fixes will for any “problem property” in the moment. But if you track this expense over the rest of the year and get ahead of things breaking down, you will save more and more with each averted crisis and see this partnership save you time in managing avoided breakdowns and onboarding multiple companies.

2. Recognize the power of flooring—and make it consistently attractive

Again, you can’t blame us for talking about flooring. We know it well. And here’s the thing. people come into a space and they look down, not up. High traffic in many of your properties might mean hardwood isn’t your go-to choice. What about laminate? We’re not just buffs in hardwood. In fact, you can talk to one flooring contractor about all your properties to get a custom quote that optimizes material orders for all your floors across locations and projects. If this could save you as much as 20, even 30% instead of doing these flooring projects one-by-one, why wouldn’t you do it this way?

3. Preventative maintenance

The maintenance or handyman contractor you already have on-board from the first step can also ensure the maximum performance of all your properties from the floor up with preventative maintenance. Review your long-term plans for each property with your contractor, then hand off the maintenance and improvement planning to that company. You’ll have less to think about, and your properties outperform all the competition still searching Google every time something breaks down.

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