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How To Choose A Carpet Color

Choosing a carpet color turned out to be more complicated than you thought. On one hand, you want to know what’s trendy. But on the other hand, you have to choose what makes sense for your lifestyle.

Maybe you just got married and this is among the first “couple decisions” you’re making for your new home. Or maybe the kids are all finally out of the house and you’re finally to freshening up a space’s look. Whatever the case, if you’re reading this, you were probably surprised how complicated this simple question became.

How DO you choose the right carpet color?

You’re not trying to be cutting edge, you just want to choose the carpet you can be excited about today and that will also look good ten years from now. But are classic colors too boring? Do you have to avoid beige and white with how easily they soil? Are patterns a “no go” right now or can you include some trendy options there, too?

At Valor Home Services, one of our brand promises is to deliver better communication. And that’s more than us talking—that includes listening to our clients. We’ve heard these and countless other carpet color questions time and time again. Choosing the right carpet color is understandably a big deal, because it can affect everything from how big a room looks to how happy you are in a space.

How does carpet color do all that?

Choosing the right carpet color will do more than just look good with the paint color you chose for the walls. There are also physical and psychological benefits to learn about color-by-color, for instance:

  • Choosing lighter colors will make a space look bigger
  • Choosing darker colors will make a space feel more intimate (and hide dirt better)
  • Warm colors like red and orange can elevate your heart rate and make you hungry
  • Cool colors like blue can actually relax you to the point of slowing your metabolism

So, how do you pick the right carpet color?

Taking these things into account and trying to weigh the pros and cons color-by-color can quickly get overwhelming. Instead, to choose the right color for your carpet, while the above considerations are important we prefer to break the process down into three simple steps:

  1. Eliminate any colors you hate. There are some colors that you won’t like, no matter what. Get those colors out of the running first.
  2. Find what you do love by way of inspiration. For example, check out this color psychology board on Pinterest. Often, we don’t know what really “does something” for us until we see it and have that gut reaction.
  3. Finally, find those colors that you are attracted to in the store (or have them delivered to you by a carpeting contractor). Use samples of those colors in the room you plan to carpet. Believe us—this step rules out some of the colors you were crazy about at first. The direction the light comes in through the windows, the kind of lighting fixtures you have, the paint on the walls, and the rest of your décor will all impact how your carpet colors of choice look in the space it’s destined for.

If you have a space needing carpet flooring or any other flooring update, call Valor Home Services for the best work in and around O’Fallon, IL. We might have answered one question you had about carpet today, but we’re sure you have more. Start a conversation with us right here on the website.