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How To Choose Hardwood Flooring – Part 2

Last week, we talked about beautiful wood types for hardwood floors in Glen Carbon, Caseyville and surrounding area homes. Having new hardwood floors installed can mean one of several wood types and colors, all up to your pick. If you are looking for new hardwood flooring, however, the wood type is not the only factor you’ll want to consider.

This week, to continue with the question “how to choose hardwood flooring,” we’re talking about another feature think about: grain.

The character of wood grain

The way that logs are sawed into boards used for hardwood flooring makes all the difference for the grain pattern you see on a floor. That’s how it’s done.

For example, with a flat or plain-sawn set of boards, the grain will have a wavy appearance. On the other hand, quarter-sawn boards will give a more lineal look with very faint striping. You might think of these boards as “tiger stripes.”

Another option are rift-sawn boards, which are known for giving you the straightest grain. Live-Sawn boards is another term you might hear, and can include all types of grain patterns.

How do I choose?

A floor can actually use one cut or incorporate various cuts. You can go from a “woodsy” look (using only flat-sawn boards) all the way to an understated grain (mixing quarter- and rift-sawn boards). It just depends on what look you’re after.


Not only will the direction the wood is cut in make a difference, you’ll also have the option to choose how many knots and other distinguishing marks you want visible in your new floor. Most homeowners who like the look of many marks say it adds “character.”

If you really want to mix it up, reclaimed wood is another option. You can work with Valor so that we can contact flooring manufacturers directly to see what they offer as salvaged wood.

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