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How To Choose Your Mohawk Carpet Colors To Feel Amazing

It feels amazing to walk across that newly-installed carpet, those plush fibers cushioning your every step. But today, I’m talking about another way you can feel amazing with the right carpet for you. By choosing the right color of Mohawk carpet, you can tap into similar psychological benefits to those designers talk about when choosing paint colors.

I’ve spent my whole life in this area, and as any of my O’Fallon, Shiloh, and surrounding area neighbors will know, we get the best and worst of winter and summer around here. Our weather is extreme. And with fall and winter rolling in, some of us can use all the help we can get not to feel blue when the short, cold days settle over us.

There are a lot of reasons why I use Mohawk carpeting for my flooring clients. Among them, the range of colors and patterns they offer can provoke absolutely any emotional aesthetic my clients want.

Here’s the Valor Home Services guide to choosing the right Mohawk colors to evoke the feelings you’re after for your home. 


Green is nature. It puts people in a wholesome state of mind and is very comforting. Use patterns and shades of green in any space where you want to create a relaxing atmosphere.


They say “red stimulates,” but they don’t always say what it stimulates. This really depends on the context of the space. There is a physical stimulation that’s been documented in red environments, showing increased heart rate and heavy breathing. Red can also provoke feelings from love to hunger.


Blue is the opposite of red. It’s soothing and lowers the body’s metabolism, making it great for just about any place but the dining room.


Ever seen an orange carpet? Yeah, they exist! Orange evokes similar sensations that red does, but to a muted level. Generally, it’s seen as an energizing color.


Purple is a rare Mohawk color, but it does exist. Purple promotes nostalgia and adds an air of mystery to a room.


White is cheery-as long as it says white. Maintain it well, and this is a great choice for any space.

Beige and Gray

These are the two most popular colors because they’re totally neutral.

Do you have a specific space to ask about? Give me a call today.