How to Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are in trend. How do you make one? Keep reading to find out.

Create a Color Palette or Theme

The first step in creating a gallery wall is to choose a color palette or theme. A color palette or theme will help you not only find the right pieces because you will learn very fast that there are hundreds of thousands of artwork you can choose from for a gallery wall but also keep a cohesive look. There is no set color or theme you can pick, so go wild and choose your favorite.

Pick an Area

Now that you have your color palette of theme, it is time to choose the area where you want your gallery wall to go. You will want a wall that has enough space to hold all the pieces you want to put up. This wall should also be cleaned and ready to go when you do start hanging. Feel free to get creative on where you want your gallery to go.

Start With A Large Piece

While it may seem easier for you to handle the smaller pieces, you are going to want to hang up the largest piece first. This large piece will most likely be the focal point so you will want to start by placing it in the center of the wall. Once you have it up, you can then start adding the other artwork.

Collect Pieces

When you have a gallery wall, you are going to have multiple pieces. While you can start your gallery wall with just a few pieces, we recommend at least having five, to begin with. From there, you can properly measure out the layout. Over time, you will eventually collect more pieces to add.


Looking at a gallery wall, you may wonder if there is a strategic plan to its madness. And, we are here to tell you there is! You will want to not only measure your pieces but the wall itself. We then recommend laying out everything on the floor to make sure it looks right. Once everything sits at your liking, you will then get ready to hang it all up.

Maintain the Space

Once you have your preliminary gallery wall up, it is time to properly maintain it. While you do not want to continuously add pieces, you will most likely add a few here are there. Make sure you have enough space for any new items or feel free to move things around to find the perfect space. Just like everything else in your house, dust will begin to collect on your gallery wall. Clean your paintings, photos and sculptures once every week or so to keep them in mint condition.

While Valor Home Services cannot help you find the pieces for your gallery wall, we can help you get the space ready for it. We can help you renovate the room, so it matches the vibe of your wall. For more information, give us a call today.