How to Create a Great Room

There are many different rooms in a house. Between bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, sunrooms and more, you may be thinking there is no way to add more. Well, it is time to be surprised because in this guide we go over how you can create a great room.

What is a Great Room?

Before you start creating a great room, you need to know what it is. Many people confuse a great room with either a living room or a front room. While they may look or seem similar, a great room is a large space on the ground floor located in the center of a home. You can treat it like a living room, like placing furniture and a television, but you can’t treat your living room as a great room because living rooms are always smaller than great rooms. Now that you know what this kind of area is, it is time to learn how to create one.

Add Accents

When you have a great room, you want to have little pops of accent that add life and personality to the room. For example, you can play around with textures, colors, styles and designs when it comes to walls, flooring, furniture, decorations, trim and more.

Develop the Room’s Transition

Since great rooms are in the center of homes, they connect with other rooms. You want your great room to stand out from the rest of the house but not stick out like a sore thumb. That is why you need to develop the room’s transition. What are some transitional features you can do? A few great ideas include flooring changes, alternative light fixtures, ceiling beams and decorative archways.

Add a Gallery Wall

As a room frequently visited by you and guests, add some personality to the walls by placing a gallery wall. A gallery wall is a perfect way to add beauty and sophistication to this room.

Have Floating Furniture

When you have a great room, one of the things you want to avoid doing is placing your furniture against the walls. Instead, you want your furniture to float (or have space between each item). Doing this makes the room look even bigger and helps separate the room’s different areas by function.

Install Large Windows

Natural lighting is always a great way to cut down on electricity in a room, and great rooms are the perfect place to install large exterior windows. Since they lack interior walls, they let sunlight bounce in and out giving the room an ample amount of lighting.

Now that you know what a great room is and how to create it, it is time to make one perfect for your home. If you want to completely remodel the room or add a few of these features, let us help. Our skilled team of experts at Valor Home Services has the equipment, patience and expertise to provide you with a stress-free renovation experience. For more information, contact us today.