How to Create a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

Is your little one finally big enough to start using their restroom more? Or are you adding to your family soon? Either way, anytime you have small children in the house, you want to make sure they are safe and comfortable in any room, including the bathroom. That is why we wanted to teach you how to create a kid-friendly bathroom.

Keep it Adult-Sized

While it may be tempting to switch everything to match your children’s heights, you never want to go with smaller vanities, toilets, sinks, etc. Why? Because look at how fast our kids grow! Before you know it, your kiddos will outgrow their miniature bathroom, making you remodel it all over again. Instead, you want tools to help them, like step stools.

Install Double Vanities

If you have more than one child, the probability of sharing a restroom is very high. And what happens when you only have one sink with two kids trying to use them? You will most likely have fighting or slowed bathroom times. Help stop the bickering and increase productivity by installing double vanities in your kids’ bathroom. Plus, a double vanity also gives you extra storage space if it includes cabinets.

Improve Storage

From holding toiletries and supplies to adding kids’ toys, towels and rags, you need to make sure you have the proper storage mechanisms in your bathroom. You also want these storage options to be within reach if they are safe for little ones and up high if they are not. For inspiration, check out these efficient bathroom storage ideas.

Install Kid-Friendly Showerhead

If your children’s bathroom has a shower instead of a tub, then you may want to install a kid-friendly shower head. This showerhead will be adjustable and around your child’s height. You can go to a local home improvement store or even online to find one.

Add Step Stools

Like we mentioned above, you never want to switch your kids’ bathroom to miniature items. Instead, you want to keep everything as is and add step stools so your children can reach what they need. For example, you will find a step stool in front of the sink and toilet.

Add Non-Slip Surfaces

The younger your children are, the harder time they may have with balance and coordination. Small children are more prone to slips and falls, especially in areas that do not absorb water, like hard surfaces. That is why you want to have non-slip surfaces in bathrooms. You can install flooring with non-slip sealants like ceramic tile or set-down rugs.

Use Waterproof Flooring

What is the one thinks kids like to do in the bathtub? Splash water around, of course. Or, their curious minds get them to do drastic things like flushing toys down the toilet, causing a massive flood. Either way, spills and accidents happen. That is why you want to protect your floors right away. And, the best way to do that is with waterproof flooring. If your bathroom floods, you can remove waterproof flooring, air dry them and then re-install them.

Need help creating a kid-friendly bathroom? Then, let our team of bathroom remodelers help. Send us pictures of your current restroom and your dream restroom today.