How to Create an At-Home Gym

A goal that many people want to accomplish this year (and every year) is to stay healthy. Even though gyms and other recreational places are opening back up for members, you may still feel too nervous to go out, or you do not feel comfortable wearing a mask while exercising. Either way, you still need a place to work out. And surprisingly, you do not have to look far. Instead, keep reading to learn how to create an at-home gym.

Find the Right Space

The very first step in creating an at-home gym is to find the right space. You want to have enough room to not only hold your equipment but space to also move around comfortably. The amount of space varies depending on the items you need to exercise (the equipment, your movements, a mat, etc.) Many homeowners turn spare rooms, garages and even sunrooms or patios into home gyms.

Add Equipment

Now that you have your space, it is time to add the equipment you use. Work out equipment ranges from machines like ellipticals, treadmills and cycling bikes to handheld objects like weights, dumbbells, exercise balls and jump rope. While you may want to buy everything right away, we recommend adding on piece by piece. So you may be wondering, “what is everything I will eventually want?” Here is a small breakdown. Remember to add the supplies that work best for your training.

  • Exercise mat
  • Resistance bands
  • Stability ball
  • Jump rope
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Treadmill
  • Indoor cycling bike
  • Elliptical

Create Storage Options

Once you add all the supplies and equipment into the area, you need to have the right place to put everything. Leaving items out can get in the way of your workout or possibly harm you if it causes you to trip. The best way to keep the area clear is to place loose items like dumbbells, jump ropes and resistance bands in some sort of storage space. We have seen people have drawers or cubbies to keep these items in or have an organizational system in a closet.

Add Inspiration

Exercising is hard. It’s even harder if you do not enjoy the activity and need to do it to get or stay healthy. Many people fall off the bandwagon after a few weeks or months. This leads them to go back to their previous lifestyles. If you want to stick to your workout goals, the best way to stay motivated is to add inspiration to the room. Make the room look like a place you will want to visit. For example, people add stereos and speakers, televisions, inspirational posters or photos and schedules. Go with whatever keeps you inspired and ready to exercise.

Stick With Your Plan

Besides motivation issues, another problem many people have is sticking to their workout/nutrition plans. You most likely created this plan to properly reach your goal; however, life happens. Some days you want to switch up arm day and cardio day. Some days you want to have a bowl of ice cream. Sometimes you may injure yourself and can’t do intense activities. All of these are valid reasons that you should never beat yourself over. Instead, have a plan that can easily be adjusted, so you are more willing to stick to it.

While these are great ways to create an at-home gym, we want to make sure the space itself can handle all that movement. For example, some flooring will scratch or scuff easily with high amounts of foot traffic. Or some areas do not have enough airflow to help cool you down. Or, you may just want to renovate the entire room. Luckily for you, our skilled team of remodelers at Valor Home Services can help. Book your free phone consultation today by giving us a call.