How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen

With the weather warming up, more and more people are venturing outside for many activities, including cooking. While your grill will get the job done, have you ever dreamed of having an exterior cooking area? Well, we want to make your dreams come true. That is why we have this guide that breaks down how to create an outdoor kitchen.

Find the Location

Location, location, location — it is a must! It should be your first step in creating an outdoor kitchen. While you may want to place your outdoor cooking area right along the side of your house for convenience, fire safety should always be at the top of your mind. We recommend placing your exterior kitchen at least 10 feet away from your home. As a tip, you should always have a fire extinguisher close to your outdoor cooking station. Plus, placing your kitchen further away allows you to be more creative with the design.

Create a Design or Plan

While you may want to jump right in, you should always have a game plan. Before building, you should create a rough draft or sketch of what you want your outdoor kitchen to look like. Do you want to have a deck or patio for it to sit on? Do you want some type of canopy? Where do you want everything to go? During this time, you should also measure the area. Measurements will let you know how big you need to build everything as well as how big or small your cooking station and seating arrangements need to be. You never want to start buying items, especially grills, stoves, counters and outdoor furniture without knowing the amount of space you have.

Gather the Building Supplies

Now that you have the location and design, it is time to gather your building supplies and materials. Head over to your local home improvement store and purchase everything you need to bring your dream outdoor kitchen to life. Remember to keep your budget in mind while looking for these supplies. Materials can add up very quickly. Not every homeowner likes to gather the supplies and materials or build. That is where Valor Home Services comes to play. We will not only help you design and build, but we will also find all the materials and bring our own equipment. All you need to do is to make decisions and sit back and watch it all come to life.

Find the Right Cooking Station/Grill

Since it is an outdoor kitchen, the main part is a cooking station and grill. Without it, it would not count as a kitchen, right? Depending on what your wants and needs are, your cooking station can vary. Typically, an outdoor kitchen will have a grill. After that, you can add to it. For example, some people add counters, storage options, sinks, a bar, etc. Think about your needs and wants and your budget before adding to your cooking station.

Add Storage

You may not necessarily have a ton of things to store outside, but it is good to have a few storage options to hold outdoor rags, tongs, lighters, coal, etc. There are many different ways you can add storage. Some people use baskets or containers, while others add cabinets or storage tables. We recommend checking out some ideas on Pinterest to get a better idea of what storage options work best for you.

Set up Seating Arrangement

You cannot have an outdoor kitchen without some type of seating arrangement. Nothing beats sitting outside and enjoying some freshly grilled food. For seating arrangement, you will need at least one table and four chairs. From there, you can add an umbrella or additional seating. You can find a variety or seating options with varying prices online or in-store.

Have Pest Prevention Measures

Anytime you deal with food or water, pests will follow suit. When you are setting up your outdoor kitchen, you need to also place out pest prevention measures. This includes spraying your yard with pest control solutions, having plants that deter mosquitos and bees and other traps. Your local pest control company can give you more ideas or even help you keep pests away. But the most important thing to remember is to never leave food or drinks out after you finish eating. Make sure to store away all leftovers in airtight containers and throw away any trash in a sealed trashcan.

Add Decorations

Now that you have the essentials set up, it is time to decorate. This is the fun part of creating your outdoor kitchen. Typically, homeowners will choose a theme for their outdoor kitchen then decorate accordingly. For example, some themes are nautical, tropical, western, etc. We recommend checking out product catalogs from home furniture stores for inspiration. Once you have your inspiration, then you can go wild with your decor. Also, do not forget to add the entertainment — games, television, music, etc.

With these steps in tow, you can easily create the perfect outdoor kitchen for you and your family. Do you need additional help in getting it made? Then, let Valor Home Services help you! For more information or to book an appointment, give us a call today.