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How To Make Your Carpet Last Longer

Most families around Edwardsville, Collinsville, Caseyville and surrounding areas have at least one room with carpet flooring. Not every home near me has hardwood flooring, but carpet is a staple of modern living.

Because of this, I think it’s only right that you all know how you can make your carpet last longer.

If you want your carpet to last as long as possible, it’s not just about protecting it from stains, either. Taking care of your carpet will ultimately mean a longer-lasting carpet that is more resistant to footprints, pile reversal, and browning.

The #1 easiest place to start in carpet maintenance…

The good news? The #1 thing you can do for your carpet to keep it clean and in good shape is simply vacuum. Especially in busy areas with high foot traffic like the living room, vacuuming can be done daily. 

EXPERT TIP: Remember that with vacuums you get what you pay for, and it’s very important for the lifespan of any carpet to own a vacuum cleaner that will pull the gunk and debris up from the carpet pile and padding effectively without doing damage to your carpet’s loops and texture.

Another easy tip for longer-lasting carpet

Realizing you might get an eye roll from the kids, another way to keep your carpet in its best condition is to ask folks to take their shoes off when entering the house. At the very least, ensure there are mats at every door so incomers can wipe their feet properly.

Deep clean it once a year

A final key aspect for optimal carpet care is to have it professionally cleaned at least once a year, sometimes once every nine months in your highest-traffic spaces. 

Not sold on getting this professionally done? Remember that whenever you rent a carpet cleaning machine, the likelihood that the cleaner was serviced recently is low, meaning you’ll wash other people’s filth into your carpet fibers.

These are just the high points that you need to consider if you want to maintain you carpet as long as possible. Think you have a special case worth asking about? Give me a call today.