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How to Organize Your Tool Kit

All homeowners own some sort of tool. Whether it is a screwdriver or a wrench, you have one laying around somewhere in your home. The more tools you accumulate, the more places you have to store them. To help you keep your home organized, check out this guide on how to organize your tool kit.

Why Should I Organize My Tools?

While you do not have to organize your tools, it makes everything way easier, trust us. Have you ever spent hours looking for a specific tool? Have you ever had to purchase a new tool because you could not find the one you already own? Never have these issues again by organizing your tools.

How Should I Organize My Tools?

Before even trying to place and organize your tools in a tool kit, you first need to go through them all. You need to create three piles — Keep, Donate and Trash. From there, you are then going to organize your tools into each pile. While sorting, remember that you do not need rusty tools or more than two or three of each item. Once you narrowed it down to the ones you plan on keeping, we suggest organizing them based on brand, tool type or color.

What Are the Best Organization Sets?

With sorting done, it is time to start placing your tools in a tool kit or set. There are many different kits that you can buy. Here are some popular choices:

  • Magnetic wall strips
  • Pegboard with hooks and racks
  • Metal rolling cabinet
  • Toolbox
  • Bucket organizer
  • Shelves
  • Overhead containers

You can find any of these items online or at your local home improvement store.

Where Should I Place My Tool Kit?

You will want to place your tool kit in an area that you can easily reach. The whole point of organizing your tools is so that you have an easier time getting to them. Depending on the layout of your garage or shed, you can place it anywhere you have space.

By following the tips above, you can easily organize and store your tools. Even though you have all these tools, sometimes you cannot complete every home improvement task. That is where Valor Home Services come to play. We can help you with any of your home improvement, remodeling or renovation projects. For more information or a quote, give us a call today.