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How To Prevent Carpet Filtration Soiling

Collinsville carpeting. Caseyville carpeting. Homeowners all around our area can share in the joys (and struggles) of carpet flooring in the Midwest. Take the soon-to-start springtime, for example—when was the last time you had damp carpets or water filtration from the melting snow? Just last year, right? Are you ready for that problem again?

Whether you have the best-quality carpet out there or if you’re due for an upgrade, carpet filtration soiling is a reality for homeowners everywhere. This one isn’t just about us here around Belleville. Even the tidiest homeowners can see this happen in a space, and it’s seen all over the country.

Here’s what carpet filtration soiling is, why it happens, and how to prevent it.

What is filtration soiling?

If you’ve ever noticed the edges of your carpet turning black, especially under doors, don’t blame the carpet quality. Don’t blame the humidity. This is a common problem called carpet filtration soiling.

When the air in a room is unable to escape properly through your HVAC system, especially in winter when we seal ourselves hermetically in, it passes through gaps under doors. It even passes between floorboards and holes in the carpet. And, as it filters, it deposits all the dirt in the air directly into the point of departure…through your carpet.

Now that black coloring makes sense. And it’s gross, right?

How can you prevent filtration soiling?

Maybe it surprised you to learn that filtration soiling is more about your air quality than your flooring. But it’s true. As a result, the best way to reduce filtration is by reducing pollutants in your indoor air.

Here are some ways you can do that:

  1. Stop smoking indoors. If anyone does smoke in your home, even in the winter, it’s worth it for everyone’s health (and even your carpet’s health) to take it outdoors.
  2. Avoid aerosol spray products. Your hairspray isn’t going anywhere, we get that. But when you choose cleaning products, always opt for a simple spray bottle over the aerosol option when you can.
  3. Keep your home dust-free. No one can do this entirely. But dusting more often and getting your ducts cleaned sure won’t do anyone any harm.
  4. Reconsider candles. Yes, some nice candles can add ambiance at that next dinner you host. But for daily use, even the pleasant scented ones should be set aside and used only for special occasions.

So…there it is. Your air quality is the cause of filtration soiling in your carpets. If you’re looking for help getting filtration cleaned up, or need referrals to HVAC specialists nearby to get your home’s airflow checked up, reach out to me today right here on the website. We’re always happy to help.