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How To Prioritize Rooms For Painting

Painting even a single room is a big undertaking—furniture has moved or covered, flooring has to be protected, and walls are prepped extensively before applying that first coat. It’s understandable that most homeowners choose not to paint the whole interior of their home at once.

You can be strategic, however, when prioritizing which room or rooms to go after first (saving you headaches along the way). Here’s the best way to plan it out.

Step 1: Ask, “why are we painting?”

The “why” (or your end goal) is important. Are you painting for a remodel or facelift? Or are you painting to put your house on the market? The answer will help you prioritize. For example, if you’re trying to sell your home, it’s best to start with the spaces that make the biggest impact for potential buyers, like the master bedroom, entryway, kitchen or living room.

If Step 1 doesn’t leave you with enough clarity yet to get started, don’t fret—we’re going to break down major rooms and their individual priorities now.

Step 2: Decide where the bedroom will be on your list

When it comes to the master bedroom and bathroom, these are generally a great place to start no matter your priority. If you’re selling, you’ll leave a great first impression in these spaces with a fresh paint job. If you’re remodeling, as soon as you get these areas finished you can settle back into normal life, because no other space being “off-limits” over your painting projects will be as disruptive as the master bed and bath.

Step 3: Think about the kitchen

The kitchen will be inoperable while it’s being painted. Fortunately, with take-out and ready-made meals in abundance, you and your family won’t starve, but this kind of disruption to your normal flow will hit your bellies and your pocket book. Plan to do this room over a period of days where fewer people will be at home for less time, and decide in advance what your diet will look like over the course of the project.

Step 4: What about the living room?

The living room is typically one of the largest rooms in the house, so it usually takes the longest to prep and paint. A lot of furniture will be finding temporary homes in other rooms of the house, too. However, the living room being “out of commission” is less disruptive to your daily grind. It’s a good option to save this room until you’re wrapping up your home painting projects, so save this one for last unless you’re painting to sell your home.

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