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How To Soundproof A Room

Spending more time at home makes you hyper aware of the sounds that come into your home office. There might not be a lot of noise coming in from the streets right now in Belleville, O’Fallon and surrounding towns, but the screaming children on the other side of a closed door can really do you in!

Life is noisy, even in the quietest moments. This noise can disturb your work while you work from home, it can steal hours of sleep, and it can generally add to a level of anxiety you shouldn’t have to feel in your home.

This week, I’m spelling out how you can make a room soundproof at home. Whether or not you contract Valor Home Services to install these solutions for you, everyone at home right now deserves to be comfortable and have what they need. Try your hand at DIYing some of these soundproofing solutions yourself, or give a professional a call, because this list of tips could completely transform your silence-only spaces at home.

Hang door curtains

Create another layer over the door of the room you need super-quiet by simply hanging a door curtain. There are plenty of these that are specially-designed to help absorb noise that otherwise leaks through.

Fill the gap

Gaps under interior doors let a LOT of sound through. You can fill those with a draft stopper.

Reduce reflected noise

Noises bounce off hard surfaces like walls and floors. To reduce this effect, cover any bare walls or even the ceiling with something soft so that voices, barking and the rest won’t reflect off of them. Shag rug on the ceiling? Hey, if it works, why not?

Install a thick rug pad

You probably already know that carpet muffles noises in high-traffic areas. If you have hard floors, you can muffle noise by putting down a rug. Just be sure to put it down with a density rug pad underneath to boost the noise-squashing potential.

Install acoustic panels

Acoustic panels can be purchased (or made) as boards or fabrics. You simply hang them on wall to stop noise from bouncing around. Some of the pre-made boards even boast knocking sounds down by up to 30 decibels!

Whatever your need, whether it’s to muffle sound from outdoors or from the kids outside your office, these solutions will make a huge difference in your day-to-day. If you have any questions or want to learn more, reach out to us right now on the website.