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How To Test A Paint Color

A single interior paint job can totally change the mood of a space in your home. And your choice of paint color, specifically, can make statements—whether bold ones or a soft undertone to the interior you feel at home in.

Painting, in other words, is one the easiest (and least expensive) ways to change or update a space. Choosing the color, however, can be trickier than it seems. How do you avoid disappointment if you think you’ve found the perfect color only to discover that it looks different in the room you want to paint?

The answer: test your interior paint before calling the pro painters to come in.

Why should you test interior paints?

Whether you test the “short list” paints you’re considering in order to choose the best one, or if you’re already decided on the color, testing your selections on the walls you plan to paint will help you understand how that paint will look in the light of that room, including at different times of day. It will also help you see how the paint will change in shade after it’s dry.

If you are testing multiple samples, you might be surprised by which colors you like most.

Be sure to test on multiple walls of the room, too, since the light coming in from windows facing the sun will be different than the light from north or south- facing windows.

How to prep a wall before a paint test

Yes, even if it’s just a paint test, you need to prep the wall you’re using. The professionals prep the whole room before a paint job, so if you want to see how the paint will really look, you have to prep your test patch the same way.

Prep your wall by wiping it totally clean where you plan to test. Whether or not you see it, there’s plenty of dirt, dust and oil built up on the surface. The paint will adhere to the wall properly if this is cleaned first.

Also be sure to fill any cracks or holes on the patch you plan to use for your paint test!

If you’re living with boring or outdated walls but cringe at the idea of repainting, you’re not alone. The color choice is the one step that can get you excited again. With just the smallest effort testing paints and choosing the one you love, and then a single phone call to Valor Home Services (or your local Glen Carbon or O’Fallon painter of choice), this inexpensive update can completely transform a space.

What are you waiting for?