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How To Use Multiple Paint Colors In A Room

Whether you want to go bold or subtle, when using more than one paint color in a room there are some tricks that can leave you even prouder of the result.

We love working with families in O’Fallon, Collinsville and surrounding towns, not just to “get the job done” on interior painting projects, but to consult their way to something they really love.You’ve already broken the mold by even thinking about using multiple paint colors. The effect of two or more paint colors in a space adds what designers call “visual interest,” and is something that can transform a space.

Here are some tips and tricks to do it right.

  1. Know whether you want to be bold or subtle
    Not all color combinations have to stick to colors from the same color family. In fact, bold and high-contrasting combinations will draw the eye in a more powerful way. If this is what you’re after, go bold. If you want to choose a softer pairing, more monochromatic combinations can be beautiful in a different way. Be honest with yourself whether you want to go bold or go subtle, then choose and test your colors with confidence.

  2. Balance art with science
    Do you have some beautiful baseboards original to the house? How about a bookshelf you need repainted? There’s an art (or a science) to electing the ratios to the colors in your space. Usually, one color on the walls makes up 60% of the palette, another color can be used on the trim for 30%, and another 10% of the palette can be used as an accent color.

  3. Think a little strategically
    If you want to highlight a wall, you can paint that wall an accent color. If you want to highlight your cabinets, or the baseboards, or a door, you can use your accent color there. Remember that the accent color will be the first thing eyes go to in a room.

  4. Think in terms of finishes
    Different paint finishes are often best for certain surfaces. After picking your colors, set up a consultation appointment with us to talk about ideas you have, because even with the “recommended” finishes there are still questions of taste and preference. We can walk you through it all. Do you want your walls to have a specific sheen? Do you want that deep blue for the baseboards to look deeper? Colors will look different with different finishes, so once you have your colors selected, reach out to a professional to finalize your selection finishes.

This winter, you can make your home’s interior spaces come alive. Just take these color tips and use them to your advantage. If you’re ready to make the most of the best season for interior painting projects, book your appointment with us right here on the website.