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If You’re Cleaning Carpets Before The Holidays…Don’t Forget Your Hardwood Floors!

Aah…that feeling when you have your carpets freshly cleaned. When it’s done in time for the holidays, you start to feel that much more relaxed about the big upcoming dinners and visits.

Have you given your hardwood floors their due diligence, too? Maybe it’s not time to refinish yet, but there are two smart options you could explore to get your hardwood floors looking just as brag-worthy in time for the holidays.

Option 1:

Professional cleaning

I’m going to play the optimist and assume that you sweep your hardwood floors daily, and dust and mop them at least 2-3 times a month. That keeps them clean and prevents excessive scratches as debris gets kicked around. This is especially true in and around Caseyville, Shiloh, Glen Carbon and neighboring areas during the fall when twigs, leaves and bark get carried every day into our homes.

When was the last time you had your hardwood floors professional cleaned? I’ve had some clients tell me honestly that they’ve never had it done.

When you’re making calls to find that professional carpet cleaner, you can also start the conversation about professional hardwood floor cleaning. With low humidity through the fall, right before the holidays is the perfect time to do it.

Option 2:

Hardwood floor recoating

Now you can even have your hardwood floors professionally refreshed with a floor recoating. This process renews your wood floor’s shine but without the lengthy process of refinishing.

In fact, recoating is typically done in a few hours.

First, the recoat system removes dirt and grime. Then we give your floor a “facelift” with an application of a coating product. After two days of “rest” for the floor, you can move furniture back and show off the floor’s shine in time for the holidays.

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