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Interested In Using Wall Stencils In Interior Paint?

For homeowners looking to transform a room with or without repainting the walls entirely, there are some crafty options you should talk to your painters about.

For example, have you thought about stencils?

Before you cringe or roll your eyes, remember that stencils can be literally whatever you want. They don’t have to be tacky as long as you go with your gut and have a little help where you need it.

Wall stencils 101

For anyone who hasn’t asked yet, what are wall stencils? How are they made and used? Stencils, put simply, are used to paint interior walls with special designs. You can buy them or use DIY designs—or contract a painter to create them for you, using any pattern you want.

Appling stencils to interior paint is an even better task to hand off to the pros to make sure the design is applied cleanly and consistently around your space.

Why use wall stencils?

Stencils aren’t the only way to get more than one solid color on a wall. So, why use them?

For one, if you like the patterns on some designs of wallpaper but don’t want to actually apply wallpaper, stencils are an ideal option to skip the paper altogether.

Another plus that makes stencils better than wallpaper is that you actually get to choose the colors for each stenciled element.

Stencils can also be used on more than the walls. They’re popular on ceilings and even on wood fixtures like shelves and cupboards.

For over 20 years, Valor Home Services has been serving local homeowners in and around O’Fallon and Belleville. We can talk to you about interior paint stencils and answer all your questions about the techniques, paints and finishes that go with them. It’s about more than transforming your space—it’s about transforming your quality of life. And we’re always here to answer whatever question you have. Start by contacting us today!