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Interior Paint Color Trends for 2020

Shiloh, O’Fallon and surrounding towns buckle up, because I’m about to get into interior paint color trends for this year.

Most of you know me—I’m Bill, the owner of Valor Home Services. If you do know me, you might wonder why I thought today was a good day to talk about interior paint colors. The thing is, winter is absolutely the best time for interior paint jobs, both for your budget and for the paint on the walls. So, I thought, along with the kick start to this bright new year, why not get into some of the color trends now so you can make a decision and get that project started before the weather heats up again?

These stats came from Fixr’s annual color survey.

What’s the biggest color trend?

If you’re interested in paint colors, you’ve probably read about gray or “greige” in recent years. According to Fixr’s survey of designers, this trend isn’t as popular as it was before, but it’s still not going anywhere, at least not yet.

If you want to repaint a room in your home with a neutral tone, there are some great shades of gray you can choose from. Homeowners still see gray as a soothing color option for these neutral spaces.

How about other paint color trends?

A whopping 55% of homeowners responded to the Fixr’s survey saying they planned an interior painting project this year simply because they “need a new look.” For anyone who’s bored with gray, other cool neutrals are topping the options list. Jewel tones still have their diehard fans, but come in at only 20% of respondents’ preference.

Other neutral colors include all shades of white and taupe. Sherwin Williams sales so far this year have also confirmed this preference.

Who’s painting right now?

The same Fixr survey also asked families about who is planning on painting projects in 2020. The biggest group who said “yes” were the married couples with kids, which makes sense, since kids’ bedrooms need to be painted every 2 to 4 years.

Couples with no kids still make up 34% of the survey respondents who said they’re planning a painting project. Another 11% of single homeowners said they’re planning something, and 9% of retirees.

What other color paint trends are you curious about? Where do you go for inspiration? Once you find that perfect shade, make an appointment with us here on the website to take care of all painting projects for you.