What’s the Job Application Process?

Here’s everything you need to know about our job application process. 

One of the many things companies forget to talk about is their job application process. Instead, many applicants are stuck in limbo, unsure of when (or if) they will hear back from an employer. Just like with our customers, we want to be transparent with our candidates and employees. That is why, we created this guide to help you figure out our application process. 

Get ready to apply!

Step 1: Apply

The first step in our application process is to submit one! You can do so on our Join the Team page, Indeed or Valor Careers Facebook page. Note: We will only review applications that attach a resume. If you do not attach or send over your resume, you will not be considered. 

Step 2: Application Under Review

Once you submit your application, our hiring team reviews your resume and skills to see if you are a preliminary match for what we are looking for. Our under review section takes about a week or less, meaning you should hear back about our decision in less than a week. If you haven’t heard back from us, please send us a message. 

Step 3: Phone Interview Decision

If your resume and work experience interest our team, you will get a phone interview request with a link to schedule your interview. Please follow the link we sent over. If you have technical issues, reach out to our team to assist you in booking your time slot. If you do not message or book an interview, we assume that you have lost interest after 3 days; therefore, it is pertinent to schedule as soon as possible. 

Step 4: Phone Interview

After you schedule your phone interview, you wait until the day and time of your interview. We recommend researching the company and reviewing any questions you may have. If you need some help preparing, check out these helpful guides:

Remember to relax and just be yourself during your phone interview. The interview should last 30 minutes or less. We recommend giving yourself 10-15 minutes before and after the interview just in case things go ahead or fall behind. 

Step 5: Phone Interview Under Review

After your interview, our hiring team will decide if they would like to have a second interview with you. Typically, you will hear back in less than 3 days. 

Step 6: In-Person Interview Decision

If your phone interview, resume and skills are what we are looking for, you will be invited for an in-person (or Zoom) interview. You will most likely get a text message or email asking to set up an interview. You will either book one straight through Bill, the owner of Valor Home Services, or be sent a link to schedule a day, time and location. 

Step 7: In-Person Interview

After you schedule your in-person interview, we highly suggest spending some time preparing for it. Here are a few guides that will help you:

Just like the phone interview, we recommend relaxing and being yourself. The interview should last 30 minutes or less. We recommend giving yourself 10-15 minutes before and after the interview just in case things go ahead or fall behind. 

Step 8: In-Person Interview Under Review

Once your in-person interview is complete, our hiring team has everything they need to make their final decision. We base our answer based on your resume, skills and experience, as well as your personality and answers from your two interviews. We typically take about a week to come up with a decision. If you haven’t heard back from us after 5 or 7 days, please reach out to us. 

Step 9: Hiring Decision

After 5 to 7 days, you will hear from us saying either you got the job or unfortunately, you do not match what we are looking for. Typically, this message will come through an email or text. If we do offer you a position, you will be sent over some paperwork that you need to sign and fill out and return to our office. If you do not get the job, do not fret. You are welcome to reapply at any time! We have openings throughout the year, so you never know when we may need you. 

Now that you know our application process, we hope to see your application! Let us know if you have any questions by giving our team a call today.