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Have Kids? Here’s How You Choose Hardwood Flooring

If you see hardwood flooring’s durability and ease of cleaning as advantages as a parent, you’re right. Wood floors are a superior choice for any household with kids for those reasons.

But between different types of hardwood floors, what are the best types for homes with kids?

In addition to the wear and tear that’s inevitable when kids play and tumble, everything from high chairs to Hot Wheels can cause even more damage. Wood floors do scratch and dent over time, even without kids at home, so the key is to pick the right hardwood floor that’s not only durable but can be easily sanded and refinished. You always need to have that back-up plan!

Follow these tips and you’ll have everything you need to pick the best hardwood flooring for your family.

1. Choose wood species with stronger graining

Oak and hickory are two types of hardwood with stronger graining, meaning they hide scratches and dents more. An oak selection can be white or red oak; just remember that white oak is the one with the smoother grain, generally considered to have the more contemporary look.

2. Light-colored floors are better, and here’s why

The lighter hardwood floors will show scratches less, not to mention show less dirt. When scratches do happen, you see the base wood underneath. So, when your floor is lighter, the base wood contrasts less.

3. Satin or matte finishes?

The shiner you go with your hardwood finish, the more it shows scratches and dirt. This means that choosing a satin or matt finish will look better when scratches do happen. The added bonus is that both these options are trending right now, so you won’t even have to make a stylistic trade-off.

When it comes to choosing a hardwood floor for your home, lifestyle is just as important as looks. Avoid soft woods like bamboo, pines, American Cherry and American Walnut if you have kids, pets, or high-traffic areas.

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