Kid-Friendly Home Upgrades

Children are a joy to have around your home. Watching them grow and thrive is a thing that many people enjoy. And while adding these munchkins to your home is a big step, we want to make sure your home is equipped to handle these little hands and feet. That is why we came up with a list of kid-friendly home upgrades you need to check out.

Durable Flooring

Kids love to run, play and make a mess everywhere they go. And what is the one thing in your home that is constantly touched by not only you but your kids as well — your flooring. Between the spills and the roughhousing, your floors will eventually start to wear and tear. You may see more scratches, scuffs, stains, tears, dents and other damages. While you cannot control everything, you can control the type of flooring you have in your home. And, when you have children, we always recommend durable flooring like ceramic tile or luxury vinyl. These two floorings are waterproof and have easy care and maintenance.

Fingerprint Free Appliances and Cabinets

The moment they can start grabbing things, children touch everything. They just can’t keep their hands off the items in your home. And, if they see you touching it, they want to grasp it even more. You may have noticed because they leave little fingerprints on everything, especially in your kitchen. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at your refrigerator or cabinets, and you will see the proof! However, you can easily avoid or reduce these prints by going with smudge-proof or fingerprint-proof appliances. Darker cabinets also hide fingerprints better than lighter colors.

Storage Options

Whenever you add a new family member to the house, they come with a load of belongings. And, you have to have a place to store their items. The best place to do so is with storage options. From cabinets to cubbies, there is a load of storage options you can choose from. We recommend heading out to your local container or home improvement store to see what is available.

Semi-Gloss Paint

As we all know, kids are messy. From accidental spills to dirty hands, your walls can easily stain. And while matte or high-gloss paint may look stunning in your house, it cannot withstand marks your children may leave. The best paint to have on your walls is semi-gloss. Its surface is super easy to clean and maintain.

Clear Windows

Safety is always a must whenever you become a parent. You want to make sure your children have a fun childhood, but you also want to make sure they are out of harm’s way. And, a place that children love to play is outside. Once they reach a certain age, they can play in the backyard without constant adult supervision. However, always have an eye on them by having clear windows that you can see through. Lucky for you, we have Pella exterior windows you can choose from! Plus, we will help with the installation.

With these kid-friendly upgrades, you can update your home to safely accommodate you and your family. Need help remodeling any part of your home? Then, call Valor Home Services today?