10 Kitchen Lighting Options

Find the right kitchen lighting by reading this guide. 

We all want to shine a light on the areas of our homes that are most important to us, and the kitchen is no exception. Though a beautiful backsplash, luxurious countertops and a functional footprint can often overshadow a good glow, the right fixture can elevate your space and make your decadent dish appear even more appetizing. (Plus, after spending an unusual amount of time preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner, your kitchen could use an upgrade.) If you want to kick up the style of your kitchen, replace the standard pendant with a statement-making fixture. Do you want a kitchen lightbulb moment? We combed through the archives to find the most eye-catching lighting ideas to add to your space. From chandeliers to pendants and everything in between, there’s sure to be a bright idea for you below.

Let’s get lit with one of these kitchen lighting options.


The basic idea behind a pendant light is that it consists of a single bulb suspended in the air. The majority of pendant lights have some shade attached to make them more interesting and to reduce the glare of the bulb. Glass, metal, plastic and paper are some of the most common materials used to make pendant lights. Each of these materials produces a distinct style and ambiance. While it is your choice, certain materials work better in different settings, such as a glass pendant light in a room with a lot of natural light.

There are numerous shapes to choose from, ranging from simple globes to woven cages. If you can’t find the design you’re looking for, it’s often possible to have a custom design made for your specific needs. Here are some popular choices for a kitchen:

  • Playful
  • Colorful
  • Supersize
  • Industrial
  • Billards-style
  • Custom glass
  • Diamond motif
  • Orbs
  • Ceramic
  • Exposed wire


Consider adding a vintage element to your kitchen if you want to transport it to another time and place. Common old-fashioned lighting includes antique, vintage and decade lighting. For example, you can go for a 70’s theme by placing lamps on your counters instead of having overhead lights. If you want to take things to the next level, you can combine these vintage touches with modernity (appliances, counters, etc.)


Tubular lighting is lighting fixtures shaped as tubes that hang vertically. You may be used to horizontal tubular lighting, so don’t confuse the two. This lighting is a great choice if you want to pack some drama in your kitchen, create a focal point or accentuate a tall ceiling. 


We’re not talking about the old fire-lit or gas lanterns when we say lantern lights. Instead, we mean lights that have the shape of lanterns. These kinds of lights can help mix the old with the new. However, many modern lantern lights would work in any contemporary kitchen. Some lantern ideas you may want to try out include shape-shifting or sculptural. 


Cage lights are like lanterns and pendant lights; however, they are not enclosed and instead have openings lighting the lights shine through them. You can check out these cage lights from Home Depot or Lowes for inspiration. Our designer can also help you find the right cage fixtures for your dream kitchen. 


A chandelier is defined as a decorative light that hangs from the ceiling and has branches for light bulbs or candles. This is a great kitchen choice if you are looking for a piece that stands out from the rest. However, you will most likely only want one chandelier in your kitchen, so you need to make sure it is the right one to produce enough lighting. 


The simple and sturdy aesthetic of old factories and industrial spaces is celebrated by industrial lighting, a design trend. These industrial spaces’ lighting was constructed with strong, unfinished, and long-lasting materials. The industrial style evolved into a look that is both eye-catching and simple by incorporating these unfinished elements into more intentional designs. While some fixtures may appear edgy, industrial lighting complements a wide range of interior styles, including modern, country, and nautical.

Toe-Kick Lights

How many times have you stubbed your toe on your cabinets, especially while walking in the dark? No one wants a broken toe just because they needed water late at night. Installing lights beneath base cabinets to illuminate the floor below adds ambiance while also serving as a functional night light. It enables you to walk into the kitchen after dark without stumbling.

Under Cabinet Lights

Do you know what is inconvenient? Not being able to see in your cabinets or drawers. Or having to grab out your phone to see what’s in them. Instead of having to go through this, you can install it under cabinet lights. How can you do this? When you open dark drawers, you can see inside by creating a groove beneath the lip of the countertop and installing lights in that groove.


The ability to adjust light levels in the kitchen is ideal, as it is in any other room of the house. A bright punch of illumination makes cooking and cleaning easier. Dimmed lighting is ideal for lingering over a meal and conversing. However, a single dimmer in the kitchen will not suffice. Make certain that the design includes separate dimmers for each type of lighting: task, ambient, accent and decorative.

Now that you have ten kitchen lighting options, you have some inspiration to get you started on your kitchen lighting journey. However, lighting is just one aspect of your kitchen remodel. To get the entire job done, including the lighting, you need the best team, like Valor Home Services. We are the number one stress-free kitchen renovators in the area. And we’re ready to assist you. Let’s get started! All you need to do is give us a call