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Kitchen Organization Hacks

A room where many homeowners spend a good portion of time in is the kitchen. The kitchen holds all our food, kitchen appliances, utensils, dishwasher supplies and kitchenware. Since the kitchen holds so many items and has a lot of foot traffic, it can easily become unorganized and messy. Stay on top of this room with these kitchen organization hacks.

Labeled Canisters

A great way to get rid of boxes, plastic bags and create more space in a kitchen is to use labeled canisters for food products. Foods that work the best in labeled jars are snacks, candies, sugar, flour, pasta and other perishable goods. The best canisters and labels to use are labels that are erasable like dry erase markers or chalk. For jars that you want to use the same products every time, you can stick on printable labels. 

Recycling & Trash Bins

Our trash cans get full fast if we do not organize the trash and recyclables (if you do recycle.) The best way to reduce the amount of garbage you throw away is to organize your recycling and trash bins. You can separate them by having two different containers labeled for each specific type of trash. It is always best to contact the HOA in your neighborhood to see what kind of trash and recycling bins that waste collection services will pick up. Many areas have restrictions and requirements when it comes to what waste services will collect. 

Refrigeration Storage

Between the food we buy and leftovers, our refrigerators get full. A full refrigerator makes it hard to find specific items or know when food expires. The best way to keep your food organized inside is to have refrigeration storage. You can place objects into these containers by categories like fruits, vegetables, dairy, snacks, leftovers or anything else in between. Storage organizers also help you keep track of how long these have been in the refrigerator. Keeping track of expiration dates makes cleaning easier for you. 

Filing System for Pans 

Baking sheets, muffin pans and cooking pans tend to get lost if stacked on top of each other. Avoid losing kitchenware by creating a filing system for these cooking items. A filing system will help you find every single pan every time. You can construct a filing system by creating divers or setting things up vertically instead of horizontally. 

Drawer Dividers

Drawers in kitchens can get very unorganized, very quickly. We tend to shove many different objects in these drawers because they keep things off our counters. The best way to stay organized and in control is to use drawer dividers. Drawer dividers keep items like utensils, pens, paper clips and other small objects in place. You can find these dividers at your local supermarket or home store. 

Utilize the Top and Sides of Cabinets

For homes and apartments with small kitchens, you need to take advantage of all the areas in the room, including the top and sides of cabinets. You can store items that you do not frequently use at the top of cabinets and create organization systems on the sides of cabinets. On the sides of cabinets, you can store spices and other kitchenware.

Add Shelves Into Cabinets

If you need more space in your cabinets, you can add additional shelving into each unit. Extra shelving can add more space for organizing plates and cups or even organize spices, so they are easier to see. There are many different kinds of shelving you can choose. We recommend these metal shelving racks

An organized kitchen will make your life way easier, especially when you are cooking, putting away groceries and leftovers and cleaning. Take your kitchen to its fullest potential by contacting  Valor Home Services today to install waterproof flooring or do kitchen repairs.