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Kitchen Upgrades You Need Know

Are you tired of an outdated, non-functional kitchen? With new technology and products, there are so many items that can make it easier to use and enjoy your kitchen. That’s why we have a list for you! Check out these kitchen upgrades that you need to know about.

Install a Pull-Down Faucet

Make washing your dishes easier with a pull-down faucet. A stiff-neck one makes you have limited movement in your sink. And, you want to be able to move around as easily as possible. Luckily, pull-down faucets install easily, thanks to their snap-in functions. Check out your local home improvement store for different options.

Swap Out Kitchen Hardware

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your kitchen is by swapping out the hardware on cabinets and drawers. This one simple step can take an outdated kitchen and give it new life. If you want to keep things simple, we recommend measuring the current hardware and its nail/screw holes and find hardware that matches the existing holes.

Upgrade Light Fixtures

Did you know that lighting fixtures go out of style? Many older homes have those fluorescent lightboxes instead of unique, cool or fun options. Upgrade your kitchen by installing new light fixtures. The great thing about the light boxes is that they are easy to take down and install new fixtures.

Upgrade to Smart Storage

Your kitchen holds many supplies, equipment, utensils, cookware, food and more. You cannot have all these items on your counters. Instead, you need to invest in smart storage options. There are many different storage options that you add to your kitchen. You can even get creative with pegboards, shelving, pipes are more. We recommend checking out Pinterest or window shopping at different stores.

Add Backsplash & Lining

Elevate the look of your bathroom with a backsplash on the walls and lining in the cabinets and drawers. If you want to add a backsplash, there are so many different options to choose from like ceramic tile, mosaic tile, decal or even paint. Just remember to clean grease and other stains every week from the backsplash. If you need help adding a new backsplash to your walls, give Valor Home Services a call. Cabinet and drawer lining helps keeps your cookware and utensils stay clean. Plus, it adds even more character to your kitchen, especially if you go with a lining with a design.

Install Undercabinet Lighting

Under your cabinets can be dark and make it harder for you to see. Or maybe, you want additional lighting in your kitchen. One of the best ways to help is by installing undercabinet lighting. There are many different undercabinet lighting options out on the market like ones that connect to your light switches, battery-operated and automatic lights. Talk to your local electrician to find the best options for your kitchen.

Install a Water Filter

Ditch the water bottles and water purifying pitchers and install a water purifying filter onto your kitchen sink. You can hire a contractor to help you install it, or you can place one yourself. If you decide to do it yourself, there are only two components you have to worry about — a plastic filter that goes under the sink and a compact gooseneck faucet. In the end, you will save money compared to buying water bottles constantly.

Which one of these kitchen upgrades do you want to add? Or, maybe you want to renovate your entire kitchen? If so, we are here to help. Call Valor Home Services today for more information, to get a quote or book an appointment.