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Let’s Think Pink

While scrolling through our social media or website, you may have noticed that we switched our logo and design to pink colors. All October, we are supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month. Keep scrolling to learn why we are thinking pink.

What is Let’s Think Pink?

Let’s Think Pink is our month-long event, where we are supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We will have special offers, interesting facts, stories and more all month long. We are one team with one dream — to find the cure. 

Why are We Thinking Pink?

Just like many other people, breast cancer affects us. The owner of Valor Home Services, Bill Wilson, lost his mother in the late 70s to cancer. His mother was one of the first patients to try out chemotherapy. At the time, medical staff and doctors did not understand the side effects of chemo, so she had many days of pain, but she knew she had to do if for not only herself but her family as well. Unfortunately, there was not enough technology or information about breast cancer in the 70, and Bill’s mom passed away. Even though she is not here, her courage through chemo and cancer helped doctors understand it and inspired Bill to work hard for his dreams. 

“Thanks for leaving a bread crumb trail!

Hi Mom, 40 years ago today, you were called to heaven. I miss you. Although, I was just a young boy and didn’t understand why. I remember the moment I was told you were gone like it was yesterday. I was 10 and was living with Uncle Tommy and Aunt Beth Wilson and my cousins in a double-wide trailer. Humble yes, but happy.

I remember sitting on the edge of the bed with my younger sister and brother. I remember Uncle Tommy asking if I was ok. I remember saying ‘Yes, sir’. I remember leaving the room and going outside. I remember running as fast as I could, but not knowing why or where to. I also remember coming to a draw bridge at the end of the road, it started to open, so I had to stop.

That was the first lesson you taught me from heaven. You can run, but you can never run from your problems. You must turn around and face the challenges life brings as they the lessons of life. You need not know why, but you must stare them down, deal with them and move forward.

For 40 years, on this day, I reflect on the why. I still really struggle with it. But, as the years’ pass and I look at my journey, I am beginning to understand. March 12, 1978, was the first of many bread crumb of life you have left for me.

Each decision we make in life is based upon choices. Which choice is the right one, which one will lead me to happiness, is this best choice for God, for me, my family, my business, my friends.

Today, I realize I am exactly right where I should be because of those bread crumbs you left for me on the trail of life. Maybe, I didn’t pick up a few along the way, and you have to leave a loaf of bread at the next T, but eventually, I learned to pick up the right ones.

I love you and am eternally grateful for the bread crumbs that have lead me through life.”

— Bill Wilson, 2018.

What are Special Events or Offers We Have This Month? 

Throughout the month, we have special offers, a contest and fun facts that will be on social media. We also have changed our website and social media to represent pink. Keep a lookout for our contest and special offers on Facebook

How Valor Home Services Can Help You? 

Just like every other month, Valor Home Services can help you out for all your flooring, hardwood floor refinishing and handyman needs in the Belleville, O’Fallon, Edwardsville or surrounding areas. We have a professional team of experts who have years of experience in each of these fields. Everything we do at Valor Home Services is for our clients. Our goal is to serve them and make sure the end product matches their dream or vision. We also give helpful advice and suggestions and are ready to answer any questions you may have about flooring, hardwood refinishing and handyman services. 

We all have the same goal — to end cancer. We hope that you join us in supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And if you ever need help repairing things around your home, installing new floors or refinishing your hardwood, give us a call