6 Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Luxury bathroom remodeling starts here!

Looking for bathroom design inspiration? Whether you make minor changes, go for a complete overhaul or simply daydream from your desk, a bathroom renovation can make a significant difference in the overall feel of your home. So it’s no surprise that, along with the kitchen, this practical space is frequently prioritized when remodeling. But coming up with a new look isn’t always easy, so we’ve compiled a list of luxury bathroom design ideas for you to try.

Let’s update your restroom into a luxury one!

Go Bold

You don’t have to sacrifice luxury because you have limited square footage. Instead, you can make a statement to show off your personality. Many homeowners and designers are making bold color moves when renovating their bathrooms. Popular features that you may see are vibrant color walls, wallpaper designs, tile, murals and more. When going with a bold design, let your imagination run wild! 

Try Out Marble

Floor-to-ceiling marble is a cornerstone of luxury. It is also a very popular choice in contemporary homes or luxury kitchens. One of the best things about marble is that you can place it anywhere. For example, you can keep it simple and only do a backsplash or marble vanity tops, or make a bold statement by doing floor to ceiling. Either way, marble is a great splash of glamour that your renovated restroom needs. 

Add a View

Is there anything more luxurious than relaxing in a soaking tub while gazing out at a breathtaking view? If this sounds heavenly, you need to have a bathroom with a view. Typically, this view will be from a large window near the shower or bathtub. We know that peeping toms may be a concern; that is why you want this window to be in an area that doesn’t have access to the outside. You also can purchase windows that people cannot see through. For more window inspiration, we recommend checking out Pella windows. 

Update Storage

Luxury bathrooms help you forget about past, outdated and sometimes embarrassing old restroom appearances. As part of the experience, luxury bathrooms include plenty of storage. Consider clever solutions for oddly shaped hair dryers, the ideal towel nook and even “yours” and “mine” zones. A relaxing luxury bath has a place for everything, so you can spend less time looking for your favorite toiletry and more time simply relaxing in your space. If you need storage ideas, check out this guide. 

Add High-end Plumbing Fixtures

Luxury baths ensure that every time you use a feature in the room, you leave with the impression that “this is special.” As a result, we encourage clients to experiment with their plumbing and water fixtures. For example, you can install a programmable shower or rain head, add a soaker tub or a jacuzzi, include a toilet with a seat-warming feature or install faucets that spray like a waterfall. There are numerous ways to upgrade your bathroom fixtures.

Have an Open Concept

Open concepts are all the rage, and that includes bathrooms. Since restrooms are typically the smallest rooms of your home, homeowners want them to feel more open or larger. That’s where an open concept comes to play. In an open concept bathroom, you’ll have minimal but effective storage space, and either a shower or bath, a toilet and a small vanity. Do you want your entire home to have an open concept? Check out this guide. 

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