How to Maintain Your Exterior Doors

You want the first thing people notice about your house to always look great. Here are some ways to help maintain your exterior doors. 

Most homeowners don’t take many precautions to safeguard their front entryways from the elements they are subjected to daily, particularly when it comes to external wood door upkeep. Maintenance of exterior wood doors is essential for the longevity and proper operation of the entrance. While certain tasks, like wiping down and oiling the outside door wood, should be done more frequently, others, like cleaning hinges and doorknob assemblies, only need to be done every six to twelve months. Here are some suggestions for maintaining external entryways.

Follow these tips to maintain your 

Dust Weekly

We all know how important it is to clean the inside of our homes, but you should also dust the outside. Salt that dissolves in water can be found in dust, and this is a one-way ticket to rusted, worn-down doors. Over time, dust can scratch wood, removing its protective finish. Once a week, dust the exterior of your doors to keep salt from setting in and causing damage. Plus, clearing off the dust on your door makes your home feel more inviting. 

Clean the Door

Cleaning your outside doors frequently may stop rust, erosion, decay, and other wear-and-tear indicators, whether they are constructed of wood, metal or fiberglass. Your outdoor wooden doors can be cleaned utilizing:

  • Mild dish soap
  • Warm water
  • A soft sponge or a lint-free cloth

A scrubbing brush or steel wool should not be used to clean your external door. They might damage the protective coating on your door by scratching it. At least once a month, most homeowners should clean their doors. If you live near the coast (ocean salt is corrosive) or in a region with a lot of air pollution, you might need to clean your doors as often as once a week (grime from the highway can quickly build up).


It’s time to give your external doors a thorough shine if they start to appear a little worn out. Fortunately, it’s not much different than polishing your shoes. Simply grab a rag and lightly coat the door on both sides with furniture polish. You could employ:

  • Polyurethane polish: Waterproof and durable, but it can yellow in the sun over time 
  • Varnish polish: Long-lasting and UV resistant
  • Wax-based polish: Shiny appearance that hides scratches
  • Lacquer polish: Dries quickly in a glossy or matte finish

Protect from Sun Damage

The easiest technique to guard against sun damage on a front door is to varnish it after finishing it with a UV-blocking substance. If your door isn’t protected from the sun’s rays with a UV-blocking varnish or paint, you might want to sand it down and repaint it with one that is. These finishes also protect doors against damage caused by snow, rain, humidity, and extreme weather. Keep in mind that most doors come with a 5–10 year guarantee. If the finish on your door starts to fade due to sun damage before the warranty expires, you may be eligible for a free finish replacement or refinishing.

Check Your Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping, a foam or rubber liner that runs down the bottom and sides of your door, is a feature found on all doors. For your home to be energy-efficient, it must prevent outside air from getting in and inside air from leaking out. Savings on utilities, hello! You can cut your utility costs by 5% to 10% if you weather stuff your external doors and windows. By wrapping your hand around the seams of your door, you may inspect the weatherstripping. You’ll feel a draft if it’s degrading. By reinstalling any loose parts, you might be able to repair the weatherstripping in some circumstances. In other circumstances, you’ll have to change it. By using a razor to remove the old weatherstripping and replacing it with new weatherstripping (which costs less than $25 per linear foot at most hardware stores), you may complete the project yourself. Additionally, you have the option of hiring a seasoned handyman, whom you may ask to examine your windows while they’re at it.

Review the Hardware

The locks, knobs, hinges and metal mail slot on your outside wood door are just a few examples of hardware that is easy to overlook. It doesn’t exactly glare in your face like a paint chip. Nevertheless, maintaining the cleanliness of your gear is crucial. Getting into the habit of cleaning your hinges at least once a year is a good idea. Coat the hinge pin with silicone spray or white lithium oil to stop stiffness and squeaks (available at a hardware store or an online retailer). You could also try bar soap or some petroleum jelly in a pinch, although the effects might not last as long.

Overall, following this guide can help you maintain your exterior doors, but if your door requires more than just normal maintenance, Valor Home Services can help repair or replace it. Our experienced technicians can handle a variety of door services, from regular door maintenance to more complicated repairs and replacements. With our expertise and reliable service, you can feel confident that your door repair or replacement job is in good hands. Get on our small projects schedule by contacting our team today.