How to Design a Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchen designs provide the functionality you require while also providing a level of comfort and aesthetics that will please everyone. Here are 9 elements to include in your design to achieve the modern kitchen of your dreams.

Modern and contemporary are two terms that can be used interchangeably to describe kitchen styles that are current for the year or season. Modern kitchens today have clean lines and simple styles, with designs that emphasize the proper use of open space for a highly functional kitchen. We have some essential tips for creating your own contemporary-style kitchen, whether you want to transform your current kitchen into a modern or contemporary space, or you just want to update some elements of your kitchen to incorporate some modern design.

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Updated Elements

Regardless of style, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of modern design is the use of new materials and the incorporation of new technology into the space. Over the last few years, there have been numerous advancements in kitchen appliances and high-tech accessories. Simple updates in this category include stainless steel appliances, which not only provide cutting-edge functionality but also have sleeker designs. Because modern design is all about keeping a clean space, using custom storage solutions and other accessories like under-cabinet lighting and hidden outlets not only makes your kitchen look modern but also provides better function.

Horizontal Lines

When you think of a modern kitchen, you probably think of the space’s simplicity and functionality. While you may not notice it at first, much of the space’s simplicity stems from the use of horizontal lines. The use of long, wide, stacked, ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets lined in a row with simple flat hardware can highlight these lines and the simple style they create. Create a large horizontal line in the center of your kitchen by placing a long island parallel to your kitchen cabinets.

New and Improved Countertops

While granite and laminate are still popular countertop materials, modern kitchens focus on clean lines highlighting superior materials. Quartz countertops are more durable than Granite and never need to be resealed, making them an excellent choice for homeowners who like the look of Granite but want something more dependable. If you would like to see more examples as well as a full breakdown of details, check out this guide

Frameless or Full Overlay Kitchen Cabinets

Frameless kitchen cabinets are a must-have in modern kitchen designs because they emphasize clean lines and minimalistic design elements. These cabinets go by many different names: frameless, full overlay, European and full access, but they all mean the same thing. Frameless cabinets have doors that completely cover the cabinet box, giving them a refined, elegant appearance. Face frame cabinets have doors and hinges attached to the front stiles and rails, whereas overlay cabinets have doors and hinges attached directly to the cabinet box. Because of their stark, simple appearance, most modern kitchen cabinets are frameless. Both flat panel and shaker cabinets are popular frameless cabinets in modern kitchens. The flat panel’s smooth surface and the shaker-style cabinets’ single recessed panel blend in seamlessly with the full-overlay cabinets.

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Fun Backsplash

Backsplashes were previously either left out of kitchen remodels or installed only as simple displays of design to keep the kitchen clean. For contemporary designs, homeowners are abandoning white subway tile in favor of something with a pop of color to add personality to the room. Metallic tiles, ceramic mosaics, and colorful glass patterns are all popular today. Get more kitchen backsplash ideas by reading this guide

Monochromatic Color Palettes

Use a monochromatic color palette in your design to complement the simplicity of flat panel or shaker kitchen cabinets. Bright white kitchens with grey accents, or a muted white and grey color scheme with a bright, bold accent color, are popular in today’s modern kitchens. Aside from an accent color or two, keeping your flooring, walls, kitchen cabinets, countertops and other decor and appliances to a single color will help you achieve the modern look you desire. Although white cabinets are the most popular choice for a modern kitchen, wood cabinets are also popular when combined with white walls and other industrial accents. If you choose dark cabinets, use light accents to avoid darkening the space and making it feel cramped.

Sleek Hardware

To match simple cabinet style, modern kitchens often have sleek hardware (or no hardware) to match the simple design scheme. When it comes to your accessories, think of pulls rather than knobs, silver, or brushed bronze. Again, the key is to focus on the materials, so keeping decorative additions to a minimum helps to keep the style clean and open.

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Minimalistic Details and Ornamentation

Modern kitchens emphasize the essential elements of the space: appliances, cabinetry, countertops, and so on. That’s why most modern kitchens lack wall art and decor, as well as busy textures that distract from the big picture. In a modern kitchen, you won’t find intricate backsplash patterns, patina, or multiple materials with noticeable texture; less is more! This also allows for the creation of a stunning focal point for the kitchen using a unique material, bright color, or eye-catching hardware.

Natural Materials

The absence of ornamentation allows the natural materials in your kitchen to shine. Whether you opt for wood-stained cabinets or a bright, beautiful marble countertop, highlighting nature’s beauty in your kitchen can provide you with the modern design you seek. The natural wood grain in flooring, countertops, or cabinetry is an excellent texture to have exposed in a modern kitchen. Create an eye-catching backsplash with exposed brick or wood slats. When deciding which natural characteristics to leave exposed, keep in mind that using multiple can create a busy look, which is the polar opposite of a modern kitchen design.

By following these 9 tips, you can create a modern kitchen that will serve as a great gathering place for friends and family. A modern kitchen is not just about having the latest appliances and gadgets, but also about having a design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With the right mix of colors, materials, and furniture, you can create a modern kitchen that is both stylish and inviting. With these tips in mind, you are sure to create the perfect modern kitchen for your home. Ready to get that modern kitchen? Call Valor Home Services to get started