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Most Common Carpet Problems (And Solutions)

I’ve seen it: carpets with problems that only get noticed after a cleaning. (Before then, many people tend to blame the stains without realizing something else is “off.”)

There are many common carpet problems, and most of them have simple solutions. In the interest of keeping your carpets in the best condition possible, I’m going to spell out the “what,” “why” and “how to fix it” for some of the most common problems you might see in your home.

Buckles and Ripples

Any carpet exposed to moisture will have some kind of reaction. Some will shrink and some will expand (depending on the material). Buckling or rippling are the consequences of this change in the size of carpet backings due to that moisture.

Solution: if this problem is the product of a wet cleaning, when the carpet is totally dry the buckling or rippling should disappear (when the fibers shrink back to normal size). If the problem does stick around one the carpet is dry, a carpet re-stretching is an easy fix. Just call a carpet professional.


This is the yellowish discoloration that sometimes makes an appearance after a wet-cleaning or major water damage. The off-yellow color is the product of the plant-based materials used to make your carpet (dyes, fibers). These organic materials oxidize and break down as they age, which is where the yellow or brownish shade comes from.

Solution: here’s when it’s time to look at a professional carpet cleaning (make sure fast-drying processes are used to avoid further risk of oxidation).


Shedding commonly happens with new carpets, but don’t worry—it’s just the left-over bits of carpet from the manufacturing process.

Solution: just keep on vacuuming! The shedding should stop after 1-2 months of installing your new carpet.

Seam Splitting

Individual pieces of carpet can separate and begin to fray, especially in high-traffic areas.

Solution: to temporarily fix the carpet and avoid greater damage, glue down the frayed edges. This fix is temporary only—call a carpet repair professional at the same time to keep the damage minimal.

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