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What is the Most Expensive Part of Remodeling a Kitchen?

Discover the most expensive part of remodeling a kitchen by scrolling below. 

When you decide that you must remodel your kitchen, the work gets started right away. You spend the entire day on Pinterest, making boards and pinning pictures of your ideal kitchen. Every time you enter your kitchen, you picture it in a more modern, updated state. Who doesn’t like to daydream, after all? Especially when it comes to imagining what your creative output will transpire. But eventually, reality has to sink in. You open the excel budgeting sheet and become disoriented. Where will all my money go? Questions like these include “How much does a kitchen remodeling project cost?” or “What is the most expensive part of remodeling a kitchen?”

We all struggle with money, after all. Most of us don’t have a large sum of money available to us at all times. We are now left to consider financing and budgeting options for a kitchen remodel before anything else. But first, we need to know how much everything will cost before we even consider how to finance a project and develop a suitable budget. Consequently, a price breakdown of the components you intend to change is a great place to start when planning.

What do you think is the most expensive part?

The cost of remodeling a kitchen

Let’s first take a look at the overall cost of a remodeling project before getting into the specifics. The typical price ranges between $15,000 and $30,000 for a kitchen. The typical cost of remodeling a kitchen in the US is about $20,000. However, several variables affect how much your particular kitchen remodeling project will cost. Which countertops do you prefer, marble or granite? Do you want brand-new appliances and custom cabinets? Your expenses might be lower or higher than the average, depending on what you decide.

Breakdown of costs

The foundational elements of the room, such as the flooring, framing, and paint, make up the kitchen. It might be more expensive if you’re remodeling the kitchen extensively and changing specific components. Wall replacement can significantly increase the project’s cost. From inexpensive laminate to pricey hardwood, flooring comes in a variety of price ranges. The flooring is a nice upgrade that can transform the appearance of the kitchen. A relatively inexpensive aspect of the remodel, fresh paint can also completely alter the ambiance of the kitchen. Depending on how many significant changes you want to make, the cost of your remodel will range from 10 to 20 percent for the kitchen’s basic components.

  • Cabinets: The cabinets typically cost the most of any component of a kitchen remodeling project because they are one of the features that draw the most attention to the kitchen. The cost to install new cabinets can range from about $15,000 on average to much more, depending on the materials used. This accounts for 20 to 40 percent of the total cost of remodeling the kitchen. Because they are made to last a lifetime, cabinets are extremely expensive. Cabinets should primarily be replaced when they begin to look dated. Installing high-quality cabinets is crucial because you will use them every day, and there is nothing more infuriating in the kitchen than a cabinet door that won’t shut all the way. The cost of the cabinet will typically be determined by the materials used, with plywood doors and steel hardware being the least expensive and hardwood doors and brass hardware is the most expensive. To ensure that cabinets will look fantastic and last a very long time, it is crucial to give them careful thought and to seek professional assistance.
  • Countertops: The lifetime use of countertops makes them another significant expense in remodeling a kitchen. The average cost of countertops is between 10 and 30 percent of the total cost of remodeling a kitchen, or roughly $6000. Again, the cost is influenced by the materials used, with laminate countertops being the least expensive and genuine stone countertops being the most expensive. People often have strong opinions about countertops, and they can significantly increase a home’s value, but you must consider your top priorities. Priority should be given to functionality, followed by aesthetic appeal and budgetary considerations for kitchen remodeling.
  • Appliances: In your kitchen, appliances will be working hard. Your food will be cooked on your stove, stored in the refrigerator, and cleaned up using the dishwasher. Appliance purchases typically account for 10–20 percent of a homeowner’s budget. It is crucial to think carefully about whether moving major appliances will save money, as the cost of moving gas, electric, and water lines to accommodate a new layout can be very high. Since you’ll be using your appliances frequently, it’s critical to consider what you want from them and how you can use them to your advantage to make cooking in your kitchen enjoyable.
  • Plumbing: To ensure that there are no leaks in your kitchen, a plumber will need to perform specialty work on the water and gas lines. The most obvious result of a plumber’s work in the kitchen will be the faucet. Additionally, they might be required to connect the dishwasher and your refrigerator if you want water for making ice. Plumbers can assist with the proper installation of your stove and can also work on gas lines. Your kitchen remodeling budget will probably be consumed by plumbing work to the tune of 10% to 15%. It is best to consider the cost of your kitchen remodeling project before making major changes if you plan to relocate your sink or install new gas lines.
  • Duct Work: You will need to hire an HVAC technician to complete the work if you’re adding a kitchen vent or bringing in heat and air conditioning. At about 5% of the overall cost, this is typically one of the least expensive components of a kitchen remodel. Because improperly installed ductwork can have serious safety repercussions and because the overall cost is not prohibitively high, it is not worth putting your entire kitchen remodeling project at risk. It is important to hire a licensed HVAC technician for this work.

Additional things to consider

It is a good idea to set aside some money for “miscellaneous expenses” when creating your budget. The ideal percentage is around 5%, and it can be used for lighting or other small costs that frequently arise during remodeling projects. You will also want to consider any add-ons like islands, bars, breakfast nooks and pantries.

You can start budgeting and turning your dream kitchen into a reality now that you are aware of the fundamental cost breakdown of a kitchen remodeling project. When planning your new kitchen, keep in mind all the components of a kitchen remodel we have discussed and the amount of your budget they will require to realize. Start with a reasonable budget, add some extra money in case something unforeseen occurs, and then start looking around for the best deals on all the various items you will need to give your kitchen a makeover. As you use your kitchen and take pleasure in it, you can be proud of your experience remodeling it. To make an appointment or request a free phone estimate, call Valor Home Services right away.