How to Nail Your Phone Interview

Congrats you made it through the first round of our application process, and now you’re heading into a phone interview! Don’t worry too much because here’s how you ace it.

When you receive a response to an application you submitted for your ideal job inviting you to call for an interview, there is simply nothing more satisfying. You’re going to finally meet the person (or people) recruiting for your post, so all your hard work—editing your resume, creating a cover letter, compiling writing samples and completing numerous forms—has paid off. Or, at the very least, hear their voice. We’ve gathered all the phone interview advice you could possibly need to get ready—and ensure that you’ll get to meet the hiring manager in person in the next round at Valor Home Services. This will prevent you from going from being overjoyed to panicking and wondering how in the world you’re going to blow the interviewer’s socks off.

Follow these tips to nail your interview!

Do Your Research

Prepare, prepare and prepare some more. Approach a phone interview like any other. Too many people err by winging a phone interview, believing it to be less significant or easy to handle, when in fact they end up fumbling over their responses and ruining their chances. Examine the job description to get a clear understanding of the position you are interviewing for as well as potential phone interview questions. For additional assistance, we have a list of the most common interview questions.

Then research the business more. Visit their website, look them up on Google for some recent news, read reviews of their employees on other websites and peruse their social media. Get a sense of the team’s work and what your particular role will entail, as well as the company’s history, mission and culture. Check over their prior projects if they have a portfolio so you may use them as examples during the interview. You will appear to be a knowledgeable and prepared candidate if you do this. This will also enable you to formulate specific interview questions and replies. You shouldn’t just repeat information from the company’s “About” page. Instead, demonstrate how well you align with the company’s values by tying them to your own.

If you’re interested in a position with Valor Home Services, we recommend browsing our website and social media platforms. You can learn more about our culture and helpful tips if you visit Valor Careers. If you have any questions about our company or the job position, please feel free to bring them along during the interview.

Use a Reliable Phone and Connection

At home, this can entail isolating yourself in a room away from loved ones, housemates or pets. At work, this can entail reserving a conference room, looking for a nearby coffee shop or resigning to using your car on a quiet side street. Wherever you choose to go, check it out a day or two in advance to make sure it has everything you’ll need: a comfortable seat (if available), few distractions, interruptions or foot traffic; good phone service; and, if possible, an outlet.

Get All the Details

Knowing this entails:

  • The time (and time zone) of your phone interview
  • Discover who you will be communicating with and their specific role (if there are multiple people, determine the order in which you will be speaking with them).
  • What number they will use to call you (if you have two or more phone lines)
  • What number they will be using to call you
  • Any other contact details you might require in case the call is dropped, such as their email address or the business’ main line

Just inquire if this wasn’t made clear to you. It’s okay to clarify a matter that has an impact on your schedules (and you’ll be happy you avoided dealing with a missed call or a meeting that started late). When interviewing with Valor Home Services, we send you an interview link where you can set up the day and time as well as add your contact information. If you are ever confused about our interview process, please feel free to reach out to us.

Understand the Job Position

Even if you have already read the job description, you might want to do it again to make sure you comprehend everything that will be required of you. Knowing the tasks and responsibilities of the position can help you develop strategies for emphasizing how your abilities and education will make you a valuable employee. You can grab any of our job position descriptions on Indeed or our Join the Team page.

Have Applicable Documents Ready

Prepare relevant documents in advance and take advantage of the phone interview’s format. You should refer to your resume frequently, and the job description will provide you with ideas for talking points. Additionally, keep your prepared responses close by, but make sure to respond to questions genuinely rather than by reading from a script. The great thing about phone interviews is that you can have these notes or talking points in front of you to help guide the interview in the right direction.


Preparing responses to any and all phone interview questions you might be asked come next on the list. Once you’ve mastered that, practice responding to these additional typical interview queries and prepare two to three questions to put to the interviewer at the conclusion. However, getting ready for a phone interview entails more than just practicing responses to common interview questions. Knowing how to communicate those responses over the phone is also important. Therefore, call a friend and ask them to listen to your comments and provide feedback if you want to be sure you’re leaving the proper kind of impression.

Dress the Part

Although it may sound enticing to do a phone interview while wearing pajamas (which is one of the reasons we adore them), dressing professionally can boost your confidence. So instead of succumbing to the impulse to put on your sweatpants, choose a look that makes you feel like the kind of person that would be rocking this job. Alternatively, you should wear something that is both comfy and professional-looking. (If you’re receiving the call at the office, you can easily tick this option off.)

Speak With an Upbeat Tone

One of the biggest errors people make while conducting phone interviews is failing to seem enthusiastic and alive enough. You have to put in extra effort to convey your enthusiasm for the position and meeting them because they can’t see you. Make movements and smile while you talk to help convey this. Your voice will be automatically emotionalized by both. Hey, if walking around keeps you active, get up and do it. Laugh if something is funny! That’s acceptable! Of course, you’ll want to counteract this by sounding authentic. Watch how loud you are speaking, and if you notice that you are becoming too animated, try to tone it down. You can get this down by practicing and getting peer feedback.

Talk Slowly

Being aware of yourself is essential when speaking on the phone. You want to make sure that everything you say is crystal clear and succinct because you only have your voice to support you. To do this, stop yourself before you ramble or start talking at a breakneck pace. Practicing your interview and interview questions will help you find the best places to breathe or have natural pauses.


It’s frustrating for everyone concerned if someone forces the interviewer to repeat their questions again. Don’t multitask (i.e., don’t be working on something else or even read over your own notes while the other person is talking); pay attention, exercise active listening and avoid multitasking. This entails repeating important information (write it down if you really want to remember it) and showing that you’re paying attention by using filler words like “hm,” “OK,” “yeah” and “right.”

Send a Follow Up Message

The interview is over, but don’t relax just yet! Send them a thank-you email for their time within a day following the interview. Include any more helpful information that will aid them in making a decision. Inquire further if they require any more details from you.

By following these tips, you should have a great phone interview with any company, including Valor Home Services. If you love our team and have the skills we’re looking for, we want to hear from you! Head over to our Join the Team page and fill out our full application.