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New Business Maintenance Checklist

Congratulations on opening your very own business! A new business is an exciting venture that comes with loads of responsibilities. Before unpacking and settling into your new shop, a few things need to get done like a thorough maintenance check. Keep scrolling to check out this new business maintenance checklist. 

Heating & Cooling

Since customers are going to be coming and going from your store, you want to make not only yourself but them comfortable as well. Between the constant opening of your door, cool and warm air will continuously escape. That is why before you open your business, you need to do a heating and cooling check. You need to clean filters and vents and make sure the heater and air conditioner are working. You can also weatherstrip the doors and windows of your storefront to make sure air does not leave. 


The floors in your business play a role in how customers view your store. Flooring that is old, stained, scratched and falling apart tells customers that you do not care about the services or products you sell. Broken or worn flooring, furniture and fixtures make shoppers feel like they should not purchase from you. Avoid this situation by replacing any damaged flooring or refinishing old, stained and scratched hardwood. Depending on the type of business you own, there are specific types of floors that work best. Give us a call today to go over the best flooring for your business. 


No matter what type of business you have, plumbing is a must, especially if you have a public restroom or kitchen. As soon as you purchase your store, contact a local plumber to give all your pipes, faucets and hoses a thorough check. You want to make sure there are not any leaks or possible leaks. If your store floods because of a busted pipe, you will have to close the store to fix or replace any damaged items, floors, furniture and cabinets. Between staying closed and changing products, you are losing a lot of money. That is why it is better to spend a little money in the beginning for a plumber, instead of losing thousands of dollars over a broken pipe. 


Many stores decide to have an overhead sign above or outside their store. Having a store sign is great for advertising but also comes with a lot of work. Store signage comes with its own maintenance like cleaning, repainting and lighting. During the entire time you own your store, you are going to need to keep up with the maintenance of all your signs. For help power washing, repainting or repairing any sign issues, call us today.


The electricity in your store plays a very important part of how your store runs. Electricity helps you and your employees use the cash register, turn on the lights, use computers to order products, implement digital marketing efforts and many other things. Before moving all your products in, schedule an electrician appointment. Make sure your electrician checks all the wires to make sure all the power and lights work as well to make sure your business is not a fire hazard. 

Pest Control

Just like a new home, a new business needs a pest inspection. A pest infestation can cause your business to temporarily or permanently shut down if you fail a health and safety inspection. As soon as you move in, check around to see if you have any signs of pests — shredded papers, feces, foul odors or pest sightings. Whether you do or do not see these uninvited guests, you need to schedule a pest control appointment at least a week before you open. A week gives the inspector enough time to check out all areas and spray or capture pests if they notice any. 

By following this checklist above, you can easily and swiftly open your business. If you need help with flooring, heating and cooling, painting or other repairs in your Edwardsville, O’Fallon, Belleville or the surrounding areas store, contact Valor Home Services today.