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New Home Maintenance Checklist

Congratulations on purchasing a new home! It is a huge step in anyone’s life, even if it is your first home or the fifth one you have bought. While you are busy picturing how you will set-up your new home or the new furniture you want to buy, there is one step you cannot forget to accomplish — a maintenance check. Not all homes come pristine. Between past owners, the weather, animals and other events, a home can go through a lot. That’s why we created this new home maintenance checklist, so you can start enjoying your new home right away. 

Pest Inspection

A week or so before you move in, hire a pest control service to come over to your house to do a thorough pest inspection. A pest inspection is essential, especially if the seller does not provide an inspection report, the seller’s inspection report is incorrect or you notice signs of pests. We suggest a week leeway because if your pest inspector does spray your home, it gives your house time to air out and time for you to clean before you move in. And once you settle in, we have a guide to help keep pests from entering your home

Foundation Check

If you did not thoroughly check the foundation before purchasing your home, you should always check right before you move in. A house’s foundation is a flat base that holds all the weight of the house and makes it easy for construction to happen. Older homes or properties situated on uneven grounds may come across foundation issues. Foundation issues include walls cracking, holes forming or, in severe cases, your home collapsing. Do not let this situation happen. Allow a house contractor to come out and test the foundation. If the contractor notices any issues, he or she will give you the best advice or suggestions to alleviate the problems. 

Electricity Check

Electricity is crucial for homeowners to live in this day of age. Most of our appliances, heating, cooling and electronics depend on electricity. Before moving into your new home, you should always work with an electrician to make sure your home is safe. You do not want to have electrical wire issues because it could lead to a fire. During the check, you will also want them to check your breaker box to make sure all the electricity in every room is working. 

Plumbing & Heating Check

Plumbing, heating and cooling are essential services that all houses need. In many cases, you can survive a couple of days without heating or cooling, but depending on the weather, you will need to fix it asap. Heating and cooling also need duct cleaning, filter replacements and unit cleaning as soon as you move in. When it comes to plumbing, it depends on the issues. Minor issues like small leaks can stick around for a couple of days, but situations like flooding or burst pipes need immediate attention. If any of these difficult situations arise, contact your local handyman, plumber or heating and cooling specialist immediately. 


If you purchase a property that comes with appliances like a stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, dryer, water heater, or microwave, contractors highly recommended you check to make sure they all work. For the appliances that do not work, you can easily replace them or find a contractor who specializes in those areas to fix any issues. 

Minor Indoor & Outdoor Repairs

Most new homes come with a few repairs and improvements, whether it is inside or outside. Instead of spending tons of money and time, enjoy your new home right away by working with a professional home service company to do any minor (or major) repairs you have in or around your property. 

Flooring Check

We are almost done with the major maintenance tasks that need to happen! The last box on the checklist is a flooring check. During your flooring check, you are going to want to see if you notice any water damage, stains, scuffs, scratches, tears, frays, rips and any other issues on all flooring. If you notice stains or damages on your carpet, you can hire a professional team to deep clean or repair your carpet. And if you notice stains, scuffs or scratches on hardwood, you do not need to replace the floor, you can instead hire a contractor who can refinish your hardwood flooring.

Owning a home is a lot of work, but definitely worth it. Before settling in, contact Valor Home Services to come over and give your home a quick inspection or repair.