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Newton Carpet Tiles—Peel-And-Stick DIY

Families in Belleville, O’Fallon and nearby communities no longer have to go out to select a carpet anymore. In fact, they can even have a new, DIY-installation carpet product delivered to their door.

Time at home getting the better of your mood? A refresher for a space (that even makes it easier to keep your home clean) could make a big difference.

Homeowners can now purchase Newton Carpet Tiles right here on the Valor Home Services website. These clever and remarkable carpet tiles come in an array of colors and patterns and are installed as an easy “DIY” project.

The first and only provider of Newton Carpet Tiles in the area

Valor Home Services just became the first and only provider in the area to offer Newton’s new, peel-and-stick carpet tiles, and they’re available for purchase online.

When we first read about this industry trend of “sticky carpet tiles,” we thought of the positive impact it could have for families who need quick and simple installation and a more durable carpet solution for high-traffic areas. When we got our own Newton samples to check the product out, we tested and approved these carpet tiles for:

  • Family rooms
  • Playrooms
  • Basements
  • And even as area rugs

Carpet Tiles by Newton are squares of carpet that fit together. They have a sticky back that adheres securely to your floor, but that can also be removed to clean and replace.

Where standard, broadloom carpet has to be installed by professional carpet installers, carpet tiles are DIY-friendly.

Are carpet tiles durable?

Carpet tiles are generally low pile and looped very tightly. This means they can hold up to even high-traffic commercial areas. And since they’re removable, where spills or accidents do happen, they’re easy to pull up and clean or repair (if not replace).

Cleaning carpet tiles is simple, too. For starters, you can vacuum regularly just like you would any other carpet. And because they’re low pile carpets, you’ll even notice they trap less debris.

Pro tip: You should include extra tiles when you place your order online so that you can replace damaged tiles easily if an accident does ever happen that can’t be repaired.

Questions? Chat with us online, right here on the site. Or, start browsing the Newton catalog to pick out your favorite tile style and get your carpet delivered to your door!