Pantry Organization Tips

Organization is key, especially in areas that hold many supplies like the kitchen. We want to help you stay clean and organized, especially when it comes to an area that gets cluttered quickly — the pantry. That is why we created this guide going over pantry organization tips.

Utilize Baskets, Containers & Jars

Storage systems like baskets, containers and jars are going to be your pantry’s best friend. These organizational systems can go on shelves, doors and even on the ground. You can find many sets in-store or online. We recommend checking out the Container Store. It is a store that is dedicated just to containers.

Label Your Containers & Jars

If you do decide to use containers and jars, you need to be able to differentiate the items in them, especially if it is not a see-through container. The best way to know what is in each jar is to use labels. These labels should list out the items in the container as well as when you placed them in there. You can either use a DIY label-making method or purchase jars that have labels on them. The Container Store will have options for you to choose from as well.

Keeping Baking or Daily Items in Reach

No one likes searching for the things they need, especially the items they use daily. That is why items like sugar, flour, cornstarch, oils and other foods that you use in your everyday cooking and baking needs to be within reach. You do not want to have to always bend or reach up high to grab them. These items work best at chest or eye level.

Add Bright Lighting

Pantries typically are in dark areas. Without light, it can be hard to find the things you need. Some pantries come with a built-in light, while others do not. If you do not have one, we recommend adding battery-operated ones or calling a contractor like Valor Home Services to install a lighting system in your pantry.

Have a First-In, First-Out System

When you grocery shop, especially for dry goods, you may stock up throughout every trip. Before you know it, you can have multiples of the same thing and not know what came first. We recommend organizing your pantry to have a first-in, first-out system. By doing this, you have fewer chances of having expired or rotten food.

Group Similar Foods

Organization is key, especially when you want to find things easily. You should group similar foods like canned goods, pasta, baking goods, snacks, etc. in one area. Grouping things together will also let you know if you ever are running low on anything.

Rack Your Cans

Cans can take up quite a bit of space in your kitchen pantry. Instead of stacking them or sitting them on a shelf, you need to invest in a can racking system. There are many different racking systems you can choose from. Some can hang on the wall or door, sit on shelves or are free-standing. We recommend window shopping online before buying one for your pantry.

Check for Expired or Rotten Food Monthly

While we try to use all our items before they go bad, we do not always necessarily do. That is why you must check for inspired or rotten food monthly. When throwing things out, check for expiration dates as well as food that has a rancid smell. For items like chips or crackers that can go stale, we recommend writing on the bag the date of opening. After about two weeks, they should be thrown out.

Follow these tips to keep your pantry organized. Do you want to upgrade your kitchen even more? Then, you need to consider a kitchen remodel. And luckily for you, we want to help! Our team of skilled experts at Valor Home Services can help you create the kitchen of your dreams while not causing stress about anything! If you are ready for a stress-free remodeling experience, call us today.