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What People Hate About Their Bathrooms — And What To Do About It

Here’s a list of why people hate their bathrooms and what they can do to fix it. 

Are there any aspects of your bathroom that you detest and wish you could change? You might even think that since the pipes are fixed in place, you’re stuck using that layout. To fit your design, almost anything in the house can be moved around. Sometimes changing the pipes to make a room more useful can require additional work. It might only require rearranging the toilet or turning a bathtub into a walk-in shower. Here are some of the most frequent bathroom-related problems and solutions.

Do any of these things bother you?

Too Small and Cramped

The spacing in bathrooms is one of the most common design issues that individuals experience. Bathrooms used to be spaced simply and functionally. The positioning of showers, bathtubs, toilets and vanity spaces is typically among a bathroom’s most prevalent elements. Instead of only “relieving” themselves, individuals have started to view their toilets as a personal spa getaway. The reason for this is that homeowners like bathrooms with soaking tubs, rainfall showerheads, soothing colors and natural materials. Sadly, a little bathroom is difficult to repair. However, if you have the opportunity to create more room by demolishing one or more walls, you should count yourself fortunate.

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Shower and Tub

Builders will occasionally combine bathtubs and showers to save money and space. Unless you have a small frame, the tubs in this combination are sadly too small to fit a body for a lengthy, enjoyable bath. A bathtub is left unused and can take up space or simply make showering more challenging for folks who prefer fast showers. Many people decide to replace their bathtub with an enclosed shower while remodeling their bathrooms.

Today’s homeowners want a walk-in shower with a body wash and possibly a built-in shelf for shampoo bottles, as well as a spa-like shower head and decorative tile surround. Because walk-in showers are bigger than shower/tub combos, you can take your time and unwind while soaking. The conversion from a bathtub to a shower can be a fairly simple operation with countless options thanks to the variety of bases and enclosures available. Or, if you enjoy taking a soothing bath but are tired of your old tub, think about switching it out for a more modern design! If you’re interested in replacing your bathtub, check out this guide to see nine different kinds

The Toilet Placement

Poor toilet location makes using the restroom a stressful experience. Using the toilet will seem crowded and uncomfortable if it is wedged between the vanity and a wall or provides little room for the legs. While you may not always be able to move your toilet due to plumbing restrictions, you can try to alter the area around it. Is your vanity too big for the area around the toilet? Replace it with a smaller sink fixture and install shelving or a cabinet above the toilet to preserve precious storage space. Does your bathtub obstruct valuable legroom? Change to a free-standing shower with a sliding door and a smaller base.

Bathroom Remodeling Belleville IL

Don’t Like Sharing the Sink

Having a double or single vanity can make a significant difference for your bathroom because it is frequently complained that there is not enough area at the sink for more than one person. One would have to put up with inconveniences like toothpaste and hair stains in the sink when sharing a room with a brother, friend or acquaintance. They may also fail to completely dry the splashes they leave in the sink, which is another problem. If you’re going to share your bathroom with someone else, you should consider obtaining multiple vanities just to make the situation less likely to result in arguments. Check to see if your vanity has enough space to install a countertop with two sinks instead of the current one. If at all possible, you can accomplish this quickly by yourself. We even have two guides that can help you decide on your next vanity and sink

Poor Lighting

Since the key fixtures of the room receive the majority of attention during the design process, bathroom lighting is frequently disregarded. As a result, your bathroom may end up having poor lighting or poor lighting arrangement, which can detract from its other qualities. Only by improving the lighting in the bathroom can this be resolved. The overhead lighting is the first thing you should take into account. Recessed lighting and mounted fixtures placed directly above your head may cast angular, unattractive shadows. The lights should be installed in your bathroom’s walkways or open spaces instead. Other bathroom lighting suggestions include replacing your lightbulbs for a softer, brighter appearance. In addition to being energy-efficient, LED lights can create a softer impression by simulating natural light in a location where there may not be much of it. For more bathroom lighting options, read over this guide

There will always be ways to enhance the appearance and use of your bathroom as our ideas of what a modern bathroom should be altered. If you plan on remodeling or updating your bathroom, we have a great bathroom planning guide to get you started. Visit Valor Home Services if you’re thinking about changing your living environment. Our skilled team of remodelers is happy to help!