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Perceptions Change With Your Choice Of Paint—Here’s How

Belleville interior painting projects (and projects all around our area) are about to get more interesting.

If you’ve been thinking recently about repainting a space, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with color choices, paint finishes and other questions that the professional painters ask you. Sometimes, you don’t even know how to answer a question. Other times, you don’t realize what questions you should be asking.

We’re here to ask you today: how do you want to change the perception (of shape and size) in the space you’re going to paint? Do you want to lower the ceiling? Make the space look wider? This and more can be done with interior paint.

Here’s how.

Enlarge your space

To give a room a feeling of spaciousness (making it feel perceivably larger), use light color paints. Light-colored selections will reflect the natural light coming in, making surfaces appear larger. (Pro tip: I learned not to use tactic for shirt choice in family photos—I was looking bigger in all the worst ways.)

Compact your space

When you want to make a room look more compact (more intimate, safer and quieter), opt for what we call the “strong colors.” These richer hues will absorb natural light, giving the feeling of enclosure that some rooms really merit.

Lower a ceiling

Lowering the height of a ceiling can make a space feel more pleasant and inviting. To get this welcoming vibe by way of paint, opt for a darker color on the ceiling than you have on the walls. Leave the texture of the material on the ceiling visible, too.

Raise a ceiling

Of course, there are plenty of times you want to raise the appearance of the ceiling. To do this, paint the walls a darker color and leave the ceiling white to give the appearance that the ceiling is slightly higher than it really is.

Narrow a space

If you want a space to feel narrower, creating a sort of tunnel effect, you can paint two opposing walls dark colors and leave the back wall and ceiling a lighter color. This is helpful to improve the proportions of rooms that have noticeably unbalanced dimensions.

Looking for more tips? We’re online to help! Get in touch with us today.