How to Equip the Perfect Bathroom According to Your Lifestyle

Not all bathrooms are created equal. Follow this guide to create the perfect bathroom based on your lifestyle.

Your bathroom design can significantly impact the quality of your life, whether you’re searching for luxury at home or taking care of an aging loved one. You may take advantage of a lovely, comfortable bathroom that meets your demands with the correct decor and a few useful elements in place. It’s simple to upgrade this area of your home and bring it to the next level, whether the master bathroom is a luxurious spa-like sanctuary or a welcoming guest bath tucked away in a hallway. Check out these suggestions to serve as your roadmap and source of inspiration as you create the ideal bathroom for your particular lifestyle.

Which one of these bathrooms fits your life the best? 

Luxurious Bathroom

If your bathroom has the proper fixtures, finishes and accessories, you can live in luxury. Here are some suggestions for turning your bathroom into a gorgeous spa.

  • Smart devices – Make your bathroom more convenient by adding some smart devices and AI technologies. You can play your favorite music while cleaning with a voice-activated Bluetooth shower speaker. Consider installing a few more high-end bathroom accessories, such as touch-free liquid soap dispensers, heated electric towel racks and illuminated toilet seats. For more ways to create a smart bathroom, check out this guide
  • Modernize it – Modernize your bathroom’s lighting and fixtures to give it a fresh appearance. Pick fresh styles with fashionable details like matte black or slick brushed gold. Change up your towels, shower curtains and bath rugs to keep things new and fresh as part of the current bathroom trend.
  • Enjoy a sauna – If you have the budget, consider adding a gorgeous sauna to your bathroom to aid with detoxification and relaxation. To soothe those sore muscles and unwind at the end of the day, you can even build your own personal sauna.
  • Enhance the tile – Consider switching out your outdated ceramic bathroom tiles for something a little more elegant because a luxurious bathroom should have a high-end finish. Installing marble tiles is a fantastic method to give your bathroom a posh appearance and a sophisticated feel.
  • Build a large shower – Avoid being uncomfortable in a small shower or tub-shower combination. For a fantastic experience, upgrade your shower and make it big with multiple showerheads. Add glass doors and some luxurious tiling to the new shower’s floor and surround to complete the design.
  • Pick attractive mirrors – If you want a nice bathroom, avoid using cheap mirrors that are intended for contractors. With beautiful frames, odd forms and a modern gold or silver metallic finish, you can update your mirrors to something chic and distinctive.
  • Consider a Japanese toilet – For a seamless appearance, Japanese toilets feature an expansive design that often extends from the bowl to the floor. Your bathroom will be quickly improved by these lovely toilets, which will give it a chic, modern feel.
  • Add artwork – By hanging a few carefully chosen works of art in your new bathroom, you may express yourself. It might be anything from a lovely pastoral landscape painting to a vibrant modern abstract piece. The secret is to incorporate the artwork into your opulent bathroom decor to complete it.

For Couples

Here are some ideas to help you remodel your space to make sharing easier, whether you’re a newlywed couple or just sick of sharing a small bathroom.

  • Make a hot tub out of your bathtub – A large two-person jetted tub is a great place to unwind together as a couple. Replace your standard bathtub with one that is deep and has LED lights, whirlpool action and massage jets.
  • You should have two sinks – It is annoying to have to cross each other when getting ready in the morning. To ensure you both have enough space to comfortably brush your teeth and begin your day on a happy note, consider installing a larger vanity with two separate sinks.
  • A walk-in closet can help you stay organized – Small closets are easily cluttered. Install a nice walk-in closet in your bathroom if you have the space. So that your bedroom and bathroom aren’t continuously cluttered with garments, this will give you both space to hang up your clothes and put away your shoes.
  • Insert a large mirror – You can’t see everything you need to see in that tiny mirror over your sink. Replace your outdated, little bathroom mirror with a huge, full-length mirror that you can hang on the wall or place in the bathroom corner so you can see your entire body.
  • Keep your belongings apart – Create two distinct storage spaces so that you both have enough space to arrange your cosmetics, razors and toiletries. This might be more storage beneath each sink or a mirror-topped medicine cabinet. Whether you use the bathroom by yourself or with your significant other, it should be comfortable, spotless and large enough for both of you to feel at home.
  • Make it smell pleasing – Diffusers filled with essential oils can be used to revivify the bathroom and ensure it always smells good. Choose a smell you both like so it won’t be overpowering for the other person.


Of course, the kids also require a fantastic bathroom that meets their demands. Check out these simple suggestions for setting up your child’s bathroom so that using it is enjoyable and simple.

  • Use child-resistant accessories – You’ll need a few extra components to make the bathroom child-safe. Set outlet covers to prevent little fingers from getting hurt, and set a lock on the toilet to keep it closed until it’s time to go potty. Children will be less likely to slip and fall if the bottom of the tub has non-slip bath mats or grippy stickers. Never keep medications or cleaning products in your child’s restroom.
  • Keep the tub in mind – Since most tubs aren’t made for children, you might wish to select another item in the interim. Children’s bathtubs are available and can serve as a temporary bathing location until a child is old enough to use a full-size tub.
  • Hang vibrant bathroom curtains – Use kid-friendly colors or a cute theme for your bathroom curtains, carpets and décor. This might be a fanciful jungle theme, your child’s favorite character, soft pastel colors, etc.
  • Provide a lot of shelving – To give your kids a place to put stuff, install wall-mounted shelving or add a small cabinet to the family bathroom. To make the bathroom kid-friendly, use shelving that has a cute design or can be painted in a complementary color for tub toys, shampoos and other products.
  • Ensure there is sufficient lighting – Install dazzling LED lighting in the children’s bathroom to help them see clearly. If your child needs to use the restroom in the middle of the night, a motion-activated night light will enable them to see in the dark.

Aging in Place

Bathroom mishaps involving senior citizens are frequent and can result in catastrophic injuries. Here are some ideas for enhancing bathroom security while preserving your elderly loved one’s standard of living.

  • Create a toilet that is accessible – Seniors should be able to get up and down from the toilet more easily, hence, toilets should be higher. The height of an ADA-compliant toilet should be between 17 and 19 inches from the floor to the lip of the bowl. Add some grasp bars so that they can always grab onto something.
  • Provide an emergency button – If something goes wrong, an emergency call button in the bathroom will let you or the caretaker for your loved one know. These buttons set off an alarm, alerting family members that a senior needs help. Choose an emergency button that will instantly notify nearby emergency services so they can come to the aid of your elderly relative if they live alone.
  • Use a shower seat or a tub chair – Elderly bathroom chairs are made to support their balance when taking a bath. For a cozy, secure shower, use one of these solid, firm chairs.
  • Ensure simplicity – It is recommended that elders have a minimalist bathroom design so that there is less clutter. Find strong towel hangers and wall hooks that they may use to keep their towels and robes off the floor. It will be safer for seniors to use the restroom if there is less clutter.
  • Consider a walk-in tub – Seniors benefit most from walk-in bathtubs and showers because they eliminate the need to “climb over” an edge. For older people who desire to age in place and would rather reside at home than in an assisted living facility, these baths are ideal.
  • Put grab bars in – Your loved one will have something to cling onto if they get fatigued or dizzy if there are grab bars on the walls of the shower and bathtub and close to the toilet. The majority of home improvement stores have these bars, which are great for giving elderly people in the bathroom a little extra stability.
  • Verify the measurements – Bathroom doors for seniors who use wheelchairs should be at least 34 inches wide. So that people may easily turn around, the bathroom’s interior should have a least five-foot radius. Additionally, make sure the wheelchair has at least 27 inches of space under the sink. Seniors shouldn’t have to strain or lean forward in the bathroom, so hang mirrors low enough.

Other Considerations

When it comes to creating a restroom that follows your lifestyle, there are a few other considerations you may need to add to your plan. Here are some additional features that you may want to think about. 

  • Disabilities or disorders – Do you have a wheelchair? Do you have specific height measurements you need to follow? Take note of anything that will make your life easier.
  • Pets – Some homeowners like to have a pet washing station for their animals in their bathrooms. You’ll need to create a specific area in your bathroom that can hold your animal while washing. If you go for a shower or tub, you may want a walk-in door for large breeds. Animals are also sensitive to temperatures, so you can install a temperature controller to ensure that your pets are never burned. 
  • Laundry – While not usually the norm, some homes have their laundry area in a bathroom. If your home has this set-up, you’ll need to add that into your bathroom renovation considerations. 
  • Guest bathroom – Your guest or secondary bathroom doesn’t have to have everything your master bathroom would have. For example, guest bathrooms may not necessarily need separate showers and tubs. Instead, you can do just a shower or a shower tub combo. Just remember that you want your secondary bathroom simple but with all the supplies a guest may need. 
  • Powder room – Just like the guest bathroom, your powder room doesn’t have to follow the same layout and design as your master bathroom. Instead, we recommend keeping it very simple. All you need is a toilet and a sink.

Your life will be made easier by constructing a bathroom that suits your needs and lifestyle, whether you want an opulent, spa-like master bathroom or a secure bathroom for elders. Observe how your fixtures, tub types and color choices fit together to create a stunning, useful room that you’ll love for years to come by keeping these guidelines in mind while you make sure you have everything you need. Call the professionals at Valor Home Services when you’re prepared to make more significant bathroom renovations. For bathroom remodeling in the Greater Metro East Area, look no further than us.