Pet-Friendly Home Upgrades

We’ve already talked about kid-friendly home upgrades, so now it is time to move onto the next — pet-friendly upgrades. Our animals are our babies. We love and treat them as our own. Many pet owners want to create a space that not only works for them but their furbabies as well. That’s is why you need to check out these pet-friendly home upgrades.

Pet-Proofing Hazardous Items

Just like babyproofing your house, you want to do the same for your pets. Every year thousands of pets get into hazardous home items like cleaning supplies and end up seriously harming themselves or worst, death. Areas that you want to consider pet-proofing, include heating systems, chemical supply cabinets and any space with electrical wiring.

Bathing/Grooming Station

While you can bathe your animals in your shower or bath, everything becomes easier if your pets have a separate bathing and grooming station. We’ve seen people create these spaces in their utility rooms, mudrooms, garages and even their own bathrooms. Features you want to consider for this area include pet bathing nozzles, pet-friendly faucets and heated floors.

Doggy Doors

Make taking out your animals easier with doggy doors. These animal-friendly doors work for cats, dogs and some exotic animals. You can find these kinds of doors at your local home improvement store. Plus, they have all sizes, even for big dogs. The one thing you need to remember is to lock the door when it is not in use. Pests and some home invaders crawl inside through these doors.


Many animals can easily climb stairs, but the older they get, the harder it becomes. If you have an older pet or one with disabilities, installing ramps in your home will help them tremendously.


Have you ever seen a cat sunbathe by a window? Let them enjoy the sun and fresh air while getting some exercise at the same time with a catio. A catio (cat patio) is an enclosed space for cats to experience the outdoors that has an exterior window or door to help them go in and out. If you want to create one, we recommend having a human-sized door exit in case of an emergency and avoid putting food in the space because it attracts other animals and bugs.

Hide-Away Feeding Areas

Your animals’ food areas can be an eyesore. Upgrade your house to hide it all with hide-away feeding areas. Some people get creative with this by having sliding cabinets, drawers or doors that hold their feeding supplies. We’ve also seen people create separate spaces to feed their pets. Go with what works best for you, your home and your pets.

Disguised Litter Boxes

If you have cats, litter boxes are a must. However, these bathroom stations are not always pleasant to look at. Hide these things away with disguised litter boxes. There are many litter boxes out on the market that looks like home decor. If you enjoy DIYing, you can even create your own with a small cabinet or vanity.

Smart Home Features

Did you know that there are additional smart home features that will make your home more pet-friendly? Great features and upgrades you should consider are automatic lights, door sensors, fetch machines, GPS trackers, indoor cameras, motion-sensors feeding centers and smart litter boxes.

With these pet-friendly home upgrades, you can easily update your home to work for your furbabies. If you need help building or installing any of these features as well as pet-friendly flooringcall Valor Home Services today.