How to Pick a Front Door Color

Ready to update your front door color but unsure of where to begin? Find the ideal shade for your home by using this professional color advice.

The ideal front door color can leave a lasting impression. One of the first features of your property that guests notice is the front door. They are often the door visitors arrive at, knock on or wait at. They are the entrances you use to welcome guests into your home. They are frequently the ones you see strolling or driving by. With these suggestions for choosing a front door color, you can, depending on your vision, make yours stand out, blend in, complement a design style or defy the norms.

Consider the following when choosing your front door color.

Stick to Your Style

When deciding on the color of your front door, you should also consider the architecture and exterior style of your house. Which color would look best on your entry door often depends on the overall design of your property. For instance, a traditional home typically looks best when painted in a traditional, dark, rich color, whereas a modern home is better suited to a more imaginative color scheme.

Choose a front door paint color that goes well with the other elements of your house, such as the garage door’s color and design. Consider painting your entry door a contrasting color that enhances the curb appeal of your house to prevent the shades in your home from clashing. If the exterior of your home is neutral, a dramatic front door color might offer the contrasting tones your house requires.

In general, a lighter front door color works best if the materials around your door are dark, and vice versa. But don’t be scared to be a little out of the ordinary. Use your preferred color or distinctive design as you please, because your home is a reflection of your personality.

Choose the Right Paint Sheen

The proper paint sheen for your door is almost as crucial as the appropriate hue. We frequently use a semi-gloss paint finish because we adore the appearance of a polished outside front door. Before choosing a shine, remember to take the state of your door into account. Shinier finishes reveal every door’s architectural feature as well as every flaw. Flat or low-sheen coatings make flaws easier to conceal.

Consider using a satin or semi-gloss paint sheen if your front door is new or recently renovated. Think of a low-luster finish if your door is worn out or damaged. No matter how flawed it may be, avoid painting your front door with a flat gloss. Your door will appear lifeless and dreary, with a flat sheen.

Don’t Forget Your Screen Door

Consider painting the frame of the screen door or storm door on your front entrance or getting a new one in a contrasting color for a double dose of color. The frame of your screen door might be an opportunity to inject some flair into the exterior of your home, particularly if you went with a more neutral color for your front door. Remember to choose an accent color for your screen door, whether or not you want to add a splash of vibrant color.

Consider Your Surroundings

If you’re unsure of where to begin when selecting a front door paint color, try getting some ideas by taking a look at your home’s surrounding natural environment. Natural earth tones can be eye-catching from the outside while also blending in with the neighborhood. You may also choose the ideal paint color by considering the natural lighting near your front door. A lighter or brighter hue will stand out against the darkness if your porch area is darker. Conversely, entrances with lots of light are better suited for a darker color.

Remember the Trim

Your front door trim and the door itself are both candidates for a fresh coat of paint. Painting your door and trim the same color is generally not a good idea. Instead, make use of the trim to add a lovely accent color that harmonizes with the exterior of the rest of your property.

A contrasting trim color may truly make your front door stand out, even if white is a common and dependable trim color. A cool-colored entry door can benefit from the warmth that rich brown tones can add. Additionally, a dark-colored trim can prevent a light-colored front door from blending in with the background. On the other hand, a lighter-toned trim might give a dark-colored door the much-needed brightness.

Stick With the Classics

For an appearance that will last, use a neutral color like brown, black or gray. Even dark hues like navy blue and red are traditional front door neutrals. Neutral colors will adapt with you if your taste changes or if you later change the exterior of your property. Use stain rather than paint to tint your front door for another neutral choice. The inherent substance or grain pattern of the door will be highlighted by a wood stain.

Use a Color Wheel

A color wheel is something that even people who have never studied art or design are probably familiar with. It is a useful resource that illustrates the connections between various hues by grouping them into a circle of primary, secondary, and tertiary hues. You can determine which colors work well together and which clash by using the color wheel.

Consider whether you want to remain with a monochromatic color design before comparing the color wheel to the exterior colors of your property. If so, you can choose between a color’s darker and lighter tones. Choose a door color that contrasts sharply with the dominant shade of your house on the color wheel.

Pick the Right Paint

Using the right paint to stop peeling and fading is crucial because your door is exposed to the weather. Weather-resistant coverings are provided by latex exterior paints. If your door is made of metal, search for one that has rust-prevention built-in. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that you’ll need to cover the door with an exterior primer. Exterior paints that are door-friendly come in matte, semigloss and glossy finishes. A door with a high-gloss finish will show more nicks and flaws but will also highlight architectural details. Choose semigloss paint for a front door finish that is more forgiving and can conceal faults.

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