How to Prepare for an Interview with Valor Home Services

Do you have an interview coming up with us or any other home improvement company? We want to make sure you are thoroughly prepared. Check out these ways to be ready for an interview with Valor Home Services

Review the Job Description

Before heading into an interview, the first step you should take is to review the job description. Check to see the daily duties or responsibilities, any certificated or education you must have and any other relevant information. You want to make sure you are a good match for us, and we will do the same thing while reviewing your resume. To help your resume and experience reflect what we are looking for, check out this guide. While reviewing the job description, we also recommend writing any questions you may want to be answered during the interview.

Look Up Common Interview Questions

A great way to prepare for an interview is to look up common interview questions. You will want to practice generic questions like, “How does your experience fit with this position?” or “Why do you think you are a good candidate for this position?” Next, look at interview questions based solely on the home improvement industry as well as the position. These questions can vary depending on the job. We recommend having at least 10 interview questions that you can practice with. 

Check out Who Valor Home Services Is

Never go to an interview without looking up who the company is. You will be asked questions about the company; therefore, you must prepare yourself. The best places to learn more about a company are through their website, social media, customer/client/past employee reviews and job posting. These places are great places to look at when trying to learn more about Valor Home Services. While reviewing our company, we recommend writing down any questions you may have about us. Also make note of the company’s motto, how long they have been in the business, their services and any other relevant information.

Tie in Your Experience

Just like any other interview, you need to be able to tie in the experience you have into the position. On any Valor Home Services job posting, we include what we are looking for in not only a person but their experience as well. We recommend viewing the job description and finding similarities with your past experiences. If you just finished school and do not have work experience, highlight any certificates, training or classes you took that would tie into the position.

Send Portfolio

Since we are a home improvement company that works on many different projects, we want to see what you can do. We recommend all contractors have a portfolio even if they are not looking for work. This is a great way to keep track of what you have done and what you can do. You can create a portfolio through many different ways — a website, social media, DropBox or Google Drive. Once you have it completed, send a link with your resume or right before your interview for us or any other employer to review. 

Have References on Hand

Some companies want you to have references, while others do not necessarily need them. To play it safe even with an interview with Valor Home Services, we recommend having references on hand. We recommend having at least three. And these references can be past employers or past clients you have worked with. We want to hear about your work ethic and your results.

Be Ready 30 Minutes in Advance

You never want to show up to an interview late. We recommend being ready for our interviews at least 30 minutes in advance. When we say ready, we mean interview ready. That means having Zoom set up, your phone ready to go and you are dressed. 

By following these tips, you are ready for an interview with Team Valor. If you believe you are a good fit for our team or want to see what our job openings are, you can apply for our many open positions on our websiteValor Careers or Indeed