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Prepare Your Home for Halloween

All over the news and social media, you may have heard about the possibility of a canceled Halloween. We are here to let you know that you can still have a safe holiday that is memorable and amazing, but there are a few changes to take note of. To get ready for your social distancing Halloween, we made a guide on how to prepare your home for October 31. 

Create a Safe Environment Outside

This year is a little different than other years when it comes to Halloween and trick or treating. Due to COVID-19, health officials are saying that people need to avoid seeing each other even when there are trick or treaters out. Trick or treating does not need a cancelation. Instead, you need to implement safety protocols. Luckily, most costumes have masks and gloves that you can easily throw away, wash or disinfect after use. Homeowners can also place out a candy bowl for the little ones to grab themselves. And parents who want to take their children trick or treating should also wear a mask, avoid peak hours, check all candy and carry hand sanitizer.

Decorate Inside and Outside

Nothing screams Halloween more than decorating the inside and outside your home. Even though we cannot host any parties, you can still go all out this year. From spooky ghosts to fang-tastic monsters, there is an unlimited amount of decorations you can put up. For more inspiration, we recommend visiting Pinterest for ghoulish ideas or checking out your local holiday shop. 

Rake Leaves

You want your home to look presentable and show off any decorations you place outside. Fallen leaves can hide all your decorating efforts. So that means you need to rake up all the leaves from your yard. You can even get decorative Halloween trash bags that double as holiday decorations. 

Clean Up Your Front Porch and Driveway

Just like raking your yard, you also want to clean up your front porch and driveway. You want to make sure your front patio and driveway are clean and clear, so trick or treaters can safely go to and from your house. Throw away any trash, put away dangerous items and get rid of weeds to make your home ready for Halloween night. If your porch or driveway needs a good scrub or repairing, we can help you power wash or repair any exterior issues you have before October 31. 

Have Fun 

Halloween is all about having fun, so you should have tons of fun while preparing your home for it. Jam out to some spooky jams, make some ghoulish snacks and watch some Halloween classics to stay in the right spirit. The more fun you have with the holiday, the more smiles and memories you will have. 

See, Halloween is still happening. It is just as alive as ever. By following the tips above, you will be safe and prepared for the holiday. And if you need help with refinishing your hardwood floors, installing new floors or any handyman services, give Valor Home Services a call today.