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Prepare Your Home for Snowstorms

Now that we are approaching the end of the year, one thing comes along with it for many northern states — snowstorms. While it may be fun to play in the snow, you need to have a safe and warm place once you finish having fun outside. That is why you must prepare your home for snowstorms. Keep scrolling to learn how. 

Insulate Your Home & Pipes

Your main goal during a snowstorm is to stay warm and to have running water. And the best way to make sure this happens is to insulate your home and pipes. You can make this happen by adding more insulation behind drywall, attics and basements. For extra protection, you can even place plastic on your windows. It is important to insulate pipes because if you do not, your running water will freeze and cause the pipe to burst, which leads to flooding. The best way to insulate your pipes is with covers or sleeves

Clear Gutters and Tree Branches

Before snowstorm season hits, you are going to want to clean your gutters and trim low-lying tree branches. Pests like termites like to hide in dirty gutters, and strong winds can cause low branches to break through windows. By ridding your home of these issues beforehand, you do not have to worry about these tiny creatures from entering or having a busted window. However, if you do have a broken window, we can help you with one of our skilled home repair contractors

Gather Supplies

If you are stuck in your home during a snowstorm, you need to have enough supplies to last you for about two weeks, if not longer. These supplies include perishable foods, water, batteries, candles, flashlights, battery-operated radio, portable chargers, toilet paper, paper towels, blankets, jackets, firewood, fire starters, lighters, and anything else you need to make it through freezing temperatures. Once you start preparing, you can gather extra supplies like board games, cards, coloring books, books, puzzles or anything else that can keep you entertained. 

Install Water-Resistant Flooring

In case snow does get into your home, your floors can obtain water damage. Hardwood, carpet, laminate and luxury vinyl can swell, contract split and grow mildew if water hits them. Instead of having the possibility of this happening, you need to install water-resistant or waterproof flooring. Ceramic tile is a great water-resistant flooring option, and if you want extra protection, then you can always go with waterproof flooring

Clean and Test Heaters & Fireplaces

Once fall hits, hopefully, you have already started cleaning and testing your heaters and fireplaces. These two things are crucial for staying warm, especially during snowstorms. You want to make sure nothing is holding these things back. If you do notice any issues, please contact a home service company right away. 

Create an Emergency Kit

Emergencies do happen even in snowstorms. That is why you need to have an emergency kit inside your home and your car. These kits need to have medication, bandages, pain relievers, flashlights, jumper cables, sand, warm clothes and portable chargers. While building your emergency kit, it is also a good idea to become familiar with how to treat hypothermia and frostbite. These are two life-threatening things that happen if you stay in the cold. 

Bring Inside Plants and Pets

When snowstorms hit, many living things cannot withstand the extreme temperature. That is why you must bring in any plants or pets that you keep outside. Unfortunately, they will most likely die if you keep them outdoors. We do not want that to happen, so it is best to keep them inside. Worried about your pets causing any damage inside your home? Make sure you have the proper equipment needed to keep them under control. 

Get a Generator

Just like any other bad weather, the power can go out when a snowstorm hits. You do not want to go without power for long, so the best thing to do is to have a backup generator on hand. This generator will supply you with the power you need to at least keep your heat on. However, remember to keep your generator outside. If you place it inside, you can die from carbon monoxide poisoning. 

There is no need to worry about snowstorms as long as you follow this guide. Also, do not be afraid to reach out to the Red Cross, fire departments and police officers for even more ways to stay safe. And, if you ever need flooring, hardwood floor refinishing or handyman tasks completed in Belleville, O’Fallon, Edwardsville or the surrounding areas, contact us today.