5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Trick-or-Treaters

Create a safe area for trick-or-treaters by doing these five things on your home’s exterior. 

Is anyone else ready to see little ghosts and vampires roaming around the neighborhood chanting, ‘Trick-or-treat’? It’s always a great time seeing the community full of smiles and laughter. But before the next child comes ringing your doorbell for sweet treats, you need to ensure the outside of your house is safe to be around. Therefore, check out this guide to create a safe and fun space for trick-or-treaters. 

Check these off your list. 

Repair & Clean Your Porch

Where is the spot where trick-or-treaters go on your property to get delicious treats? Your porch, of course! And with all that foot traffic, you want this entrance area to be safe to walk on. To avoid accidents and injuries, repair and clean the area. Your porch may have broken posts, wood boards and stairs that you need to repair. You will also need to clean up debris in the path of foot traffic. For any damage to wooden boards, posts and other parts, Valor Home Services can help. 

Maintain Your Yard

Unless it is part of your Halloween decorations, you need to maintain your yard for any small goblins and ghouls visiting. You will want to mow your yard, clip shrubs and bushes and remove weeds and debris. Unkempt landscaping is the perfect eating and breeding ground for pests and other wild animals. To protect not only people but your home as well, you want to keep these critters far away. And the first way to do so is by maintaining the landscaping and cleaning your yard. 

Add Outdoor Lighting

If your property doesn’t have outdoor lighting, we recommend installing some if you plan on having trick-or-treaters. Most children are out collecting candy during the late evening and early night hours, making light very scarce. Lack of light creates more risks for injuries. The best way to ensure no one gets hurt is adding some lighting at your door and the walkway. Plus, no kids will knock on your door if you don’t have any lights on. 

Repair Your Deck

Just like your porch, you will want to make your deck safe for children and their parents to walk on. Cover and remove nails poking out. Repair broken steps, boards and railings. If you would like a comprehensive guide on what safety checks need done on decks, check out this guide. If you need deck repairs, we recommend working with a skilled team of experts like Valor Home Services

Make Sure Everything is Level

Uneven surfaces create more possibilities of people falling over and getting hurt. Think about all the times you have tripped over an uneven spot in your yard or driveway. Now imagine all the already unbalanced little ones walking on your property and traveling through those dreaded areas. To make sure your property is safe for most people walking by, you will want to ensure that everything is level. Fill in any cracks you may see or add steps where needed. 

Enjoy the spookiest season of the year by making sure your home is safe from passing trick-or-treaters. By following these five tips, you will make a safe, fun night for any kiddos who stop by for candy. For door repairs or installation, deck repairs or porch post repairs, our skilled team of experts at Valor Home Services is ready to help. Book your free phone consultation here or by contacting us through this form