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Prepare Your Home for Back-to-School

Back-to-school is finally here. As you are getting your kids and family ready to get back to learning, you can’t forget about preparing your home for the season. In this guide, you’ll learn about some of the top tips that we recommend for prepping your home for back-to-school. 

Deep Clean the Floors

Once school starts, you may start having more foot traffic between study groups, sleepovers and just kids hanging around. Freshen your floors by giving them a deep clean. The best way to clean all floors to is give them a quick run with a vacuum. For carpets, we have a guide that will help you easily deep clean them. If your carpets have deep stains, we have a carpet cleaning team that can handle even the toughest of messes. For homes with other types of flooring, you can easily clean them by sweeping and using specific cleaning solutions. 

Organize Your Home

The best way to keep your home neat during the school year is to organize it. Before bed every night, place everything back into its proper location. This way it is easy to find all your items every time. For families with children, organize school backpacks and lunches the night before. So whenever they wake up the next morning, they can just grab and go. An organized home will make cleaning and scheduling a lot easier. 

Make a Schedule

Schedules make the day go by easier especially if you live in a house full of children. Between work, classes and extracurricular activities, life may become overwhelming, that’s where a schedule comes in. A schedule will put your family’s lives in a routine and will let you know your free days. For extra organization, schedule your students’ classwork, homework and studying schedule. 

Create a Study Zone

Every house that has students needs to have a quiet study zone. Whether it is an online classroom setting, tutoring or just studying, it will help your children work better. Most people enjoy quiet areas with ample amounts of natural lighting. And for students that use laptops or computers, try to space out computer time because the blue light from screens can damage eyesight if stared at too long. 

Create a Fun Zone

Now that you have a study zone, you need to have a fun zone. You want an area that will bring joy and entertainment every time your student (or yourself) enters. This also works as a great reward for whenever your kids finish classwork or homework. 

Maintain Your Yard

Since school starts around the time the season changes, you need to maintain your yard for fall. Rake up fallen leaves and keep your yard well-watered. As the temperatures get cooler, your kids will want to spend more time outside as well. You’ll want to also clean up house numbers to make sure post workers and buses can see where your house is located. 

Fix Broken Items

As the kids go back to school, it’s the perfect time to find all the items in your home that need fixing. Once they are busy at school, you can finally have the time to get them done. And, if the task requires more knowledge, equipment or experience, work with a professional home service company to help fix all your home issues. 

Back-to-school isn’t just for your kids but your home as well. If you follow these tips, you’ll have an easier time adjusting back to the school year. And, for homeowners in the O’Fallen, Edwardsville, Belleville and the surrounding areas, Valor Home Services can help you install flooring, maintain your home and more.