Prepare Your Home for Easter

Easter is a few weeks away, and we want to help you get things ready around your home. This year for many people, Easter is the first holiday that people are visiting family and friends since the pandemic began. With the vaccine distributed more each day, more and more people feel more comfortable going out. Since it is the first holiday in a long time, we want to make sure everything is just right in your house. Check out this guide on how to prepare your home for Easter celebrations.

Clean Your Gutters

While cleaning out your gutters is not the first thing that comes to mind when sprucing up your home for Easter, it is a task you cannot forget. During the winter, your gutters can fill up with snow, ice, leaves, branches, other debris and even pests. The more they fill up, the more chances you have of damaging or even breaking your gutters. Avoid this by cleaning them out after each season. Easter is just that perfect reminder of getting the task done.

Spruce Up the Yard

The first thing people will see when they arrive at your property is your yard. Therefore, you want it to make impactful yet positive first impressions. Spruce up your yard by mowing, adding new plants, trimming bushes or shrubs and removing debris. It is also the perfect time to work on exterior projects as well like painting or post repair. A landscaper can help you improve your lawn, while a home service contractor like Valor Home Services can help you with your house’s exterior projects. For more information or to schedule your appointment, give us a call today.

Pressure Wash

It’s been a long winter, and your house’s exterior and your driveway have been covered by snow, leaves and other debris. Bring new life to your home’s exterior and your concrete by giving it a pressure wash. Once you finish, your house will look almost brand new! However, make sure to inspect your home afterward to make sure that no paint is chipping.

Deep Clean Your Floors

Since you have been home for a year and limiting your time outside, your floors have seen a lot of you. So much so that you may notice some new scratches, dents, stains or scuff marks. For carpet, we recommend hiring a handyman service to help you professionally clean your carpets. If you have hardwood floors, the best thing to do is not only deep clean the floors but also refinish the floors. We have a variety of stains, so we can easily match your floors. For other flooring types — waterproof, luxury vinyl, laminate or ceramic tile — you need to use specific cleaning solutions so you do not damage the floors. We can give you a list of the top recommended solutions for each type of floor.


Get in the Easter spirit by decking out your home in decorations. You can decorate the inside and even the outside! There are a ton of decorations you can find in-store and online. Plus, many of these places have special deals and discounts to get you ready for the holiday. If you are a crafty individual, you can even make your own decorations like wood signs out of leftover flooring.

Create Space & Extra Seating

With guests coming over, you need to ensure that you have enough space and seating to hold everyone comfortably. While preparing your house, make sure to grab out any extra seating you have (even if they are foldable chairs). Also, clear out the room of objects that are taking up too much space. You want to make sure that there is not only enough seating but enough walking space as well. If you have guests spending the night, clean up your guest room or other sleeping areas.

You do not have to get your home ready for Easter on your own. Here at Valor Home Services, we have a skilled team of experts ready to help you. For more information, give us a call or book your appointment now.